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Hello and Welcome to the DIY Video Editor

These days most of us have access to at least some kind of handheld video recording device whether it be one dedicated to the task or simply the ability to capture video on a mobile phone.

Some of you may want to produce simple home movies, some of you may be thinking of yourselves as future YouTube video stars and others may be just looking for a place to start learning how to edit your videos a little more professionally.

Unfortunately most of the available information on shooting better videos, editing your videos effectively, choosing the right software, handling audio and all the parts that make up this subject are spread out all over the place.

Here at the DIY Video Editor I have tried to isolate the basics and provide a starting point for anyone wanting to get into video production as a hobby, as a path to a more professional end or simply as a a family duty!

You can get to everything through the menu system on the right and just hit the Contact button in the sidebar Menu of every page to ask me anything, or if you prefer just Comment on a Post and I’ll try to help out as best I can.


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The Friday Roundup - Google Plus YouTube Changes and SmartPhone Tips

Google+ and YouTube Some time ago Google decided to enforce the connection between YouTube and Google Plus profiles. Most people at the time seemed to think that what Google were trying to do was to bolster it's social sharing site by tapping into the existing and future profiles on YouTube. This was based on the concept that Google were actually interested in Google Plus becoming the social network of choice for the majority of users, a sort of[Full Post Here]

The Friday Roundup - Win 10 Upgrades, Screen Recording Tips and Outdoor Shooting

Windows 10 Auto Upgrade or Manual? Many or most of you using Windows would have recently received a push notification on your device informing you of the impending release of Windows 10. Microsoft are offering a free upgrade to their new system to all users of Windows 7 or 8. The obvious reason for this is most likely that they know Windows 8 was a flop and they are interested in keeping their customer base intact moving forward. Given[Full Post Here]

Multimedia Suites for Video Editing

An often viable alternative to a purpose built video editing software program for those whose needs are modest can be in the form a a multimedia program that comes loaded with a video editing module. This can also apply to a person who may be looking for a good DVD or Blu-ray burning or copying program. Before we go any further on this page and in the interests of keeping things simple you should approach these types[Full Post Here]

The Friday Roundup - Underwater Shooting, Audio Tips and Your Own Studio

Shooting Underwater Video With the advent of completely portable video recording devices like smartphones and action cams like the the GoPro, the idea of only taking videos under a specific set of circumstances has well and truly gone out the window. These days it is hard to think of any normal situation in life where taking a video would be beyond the capabilities of the equipment you have at hand. In fact these days you can very affordably[Full Post Here]

The Friday Roundup - Multicam Editing, SpeedArt and YouTube Changes

Multicam Editing Projects One of the biggest pains to deal with when it comes to editing is trying to get assets from different sources or shots from different angles all together into the one project. In the past this was a hugely time consuming task and really was only attempted at the professional level or by people that really had a lot of patience! The major problem being how to sync the audio with all the different video. Of[Full Post Here]

The Friday Roundup - Wedding Video Tips, Filters Guide and Family Histories

Wedding Video Tips I have a friend who helped me out a few years ago writing some article for me on an old photography site I used to run. One of the categories of that site was "Wedding Photography Tips" so I contacted him and asked for a good article on that subject. I felt pretty confident in asking him because after all, he had been a wedding photographer for years back in the day. Given that the site[Full Post Here]