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Hello and Welcome to the DIY Video Editor

These days most of us have access to at least some kind of handheld video recording device whether it be one dedicated to the task or simply the ability to capture video on a mobile phone.

Some of you may want to produce simple home movies, some of you may be thinking of yourselves as future YouTube video stars and others may be just looking for a place to start learning how to edit your videos a little more professionally.

Unfortunately most of the available information on shooting better videos, editing your videos effectively, choosing the right software, handling audio and all the parts that make up this subject are spread out all over the place.

Here at the DIY Video Editor I have tried to isolate the basics and provide a starting point for anyone wanting to get into video production as a hobby, as a path to a more professional end or simply as a a family duty!

You can get to everything through the menu system on the right and just hit the Contact button in the sidebar Menu of every page to ask me anything, or if you prefer just Comment on a Post and I’ll try to help out as best I can.


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The Friday Roundup - Holding Your Viewer's Attention, DIY Bounce Boards and Color Correction

You Are Getting Sleepy Techsmith are the creators of what is probably the best screen recording suite on the market today, Camtasia. It's actually a program I use all the time and have been trying to get around to doing a review of it for some time now... no luck so far! However apart from my lack of organization, one of the best features of the suite are the tutorial videos TechSmith have created for owners of the[Full Post Here]

The Friday Roundup - How to Look Intelligent in an Arty Film Conversation and More!

Holding Your Own in a Snobby Movie Conversation Tired of standing around with arty film types while they bandy about words and terms you have no idea of? Sick of having that half-assed smile on your face while you pretend to have a clue about what they are saying? Fear not because the next time you are surrounded by a conversation that is beginning to lose you in a sea of strange terms we got you covered! Here's an[Full Post Here]

The Friday Roundup - Great Video on Ordinary Equipment and Annotations

I haven't included a wide range of topics this week because, as fate would have it, there were a few posts from around those interwebs that I think needed to be expanded upon. Hopefully I won't come across as getting too preachy about some of this stuff but really there is method to my (preachy) madness. Something About a Bad Tradesman and His Tools I have always been a great believer in the idea that it's not the[Full Post Here]

The Friday Roundup - Transcoding, Creating a Crowd and Special Effects

When Should You Transcode? Transcoding is a term that is very often used in the world of video editing and it applies to four main scenarios. It can mean converting the footage from one codec to another, converting the actual format of the footage, keeping the same codec or format but changing the parameters of the footage or a combination of all the above. Very often you will hear that transcoding is a bad thing because it will[Full Post Here]

Video Editing Software Choices for 2015

Now that we have officially entered into the year I guess it's time to do a roundup of where we stand in the world of video editing software choices for 2015. By now most of the major software companies have released the versions they will be going with for the rest of the year and my choices below should hold true until around March in the case of Corel products and then August for the rest. Of[Full Post Here]

The Weekly Roundup - Editing Tips, Camera Techniques and Video Descriptions

Awesome Editing Tips It's not unusual for me to post links to "editing tips" type post because let's face it, that's what I do! However occasionally I come across a "tips" article that really does rate more than just a link to it. The problem with most of these posts is that they give quick tips without much explanation and although that's fine for what they are an understanding of the "why" goes a long way. If you have[Full Post Here]