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Hello and Welcome to the DIY Video Editor

These days most of us have access to at least some kind of handheld video recording device whether it be one dedicated to the task or simply the ability to capture video on a mobile phone.

Some of you may want to produce simple home movies, some of you may be thinking of yourselves as future YouTube video stars and others may be just looking for a place to start learning how to edit your videos a little more professionally.

Unfortunately most of the available information on shooting better videos, editing your videos effectively, choosing the right software, handling audio and all the parts that make up this subject are spread out all over the place.

Here at the DIY Video Editor I have tried to isolate the basics and provide a starting point for anyone wanting to get into video production as a hobby, as a path to a more professional end or simply as a a family duty!

You can get to everything through the menu system on the right and just hit the Contact button in the sidebar Menu of every page to ask me anything, or if you prefer just Comment on a Post and I’ll try to help out as best I can.


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The Friday Roundup - Horizontal Shooting and the Smartphones Are Coming

Smart Phones Getting Better at Video OK then! I guess we should all start to begin thinking in terms of smartphones when it comes to shooting video these days! Of course the footage mentioned in this article was shot by a pro with his accompanying eye for correct lighting and shooting technique so in that sense the future is not here just yet! However the clear trend has been that the technology in this field of smartphone videoFull Post Here

The Friday Roundup - REALLY Learning from the Experts and Transitions

The Key to Really Learning Video I ran across this video from the Basic Filmmaker this week and initially thought it was going to be another "basic mistakes" video. However what follows is not so much a list of things that most people get wrong on a regular basis but what boils down to the one mistake that rules them all. Sorry, I got a bit Lord of the Ringsy there. Anyhoo the point he is making rally isFull Post Here

CyberLink PowerDirector 14 Review - Overview and What's New

On this page and the next you will find my CyberLink PowerDirector 14 review in all its long rambling glory. As much as possible in this review I have tried to restrict myself to just covering the important points, but each year that task gets more and more difficult. Consumer level video editing programs like PowerDirector now pack so many features and functions inside them that going through them all can turn into a career instead ofFull Post Here

CyberLink PowerDirector 14 Review - Editing to Sharing

Now that all the shiny new stuff is out of the way let’s get into this PowerDirector 14 review for real. Before we go anywhere I must make a point that you need to keep in mind regarding just about any top end consumer video editor these days. We are no longer looking at software that just imports video, edits it with maybe some basic effects and then burns it to a disc or creates a fileFull Post Here

The Friday Roundup - Macro Tips, Shot Matching and More on Composition

Macro Video Tips Whilst the use of close ups is a tried and true method of adding dimension to your videos there is only so far "in" that you can get before your camera starts to let you down. The reason for this is that the lens of your camera has the ability to only go so far when it comes to how close it can get. Beyond the point of what we would normally call a closeFull Post Here

The Friday Roundup - What's the Product, YouTube Tips and Lenses

Whats the Real Product of Your Videos? This week I wanted to move away a little from the usual kind of post that I do on the Friday Roundup. In many ways I see the Friday post as a way that I can filter through the myriad of articles and videos posted online each week in the general area of video production. When you lump the entire subject together and on top of that add the fact thatFull Post Here