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Hello and Welcome to the DIY Video Editor

These days most of us have access to at least some kind of handheld video recording device whether it be one dedicated to the task or simply the ability to capture video on a mobile phone.

Some of you may want to produce simple home movies, some of you may be thinking of yourselves as future YouTube video stars and others may be just looking for a place to start learning how to edit your videos a little more professionally.

Unfortunately most of the available information on shooting better videos, editing your videos effectively, choosing the right software, handling audio and all the parts that make up this subject are spread out all over the place.

Here at the DIY Video Editor I have tried to isolate the basics and provide a starting point for anyone wanting to get into video production as a hobby, as a path to a more professional end or simply as a a family duty!

You can get to everything through the menu system on the right and just hit the Contact button in the sidebar Menu of every page to ask me anything, or if you prefer just Comment on a Post and I’ll try to help out as best I can.


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The Friday Roundup - Depth Of Field, DSLR Lenses, Color Tips and GoPro's

Choosing Prime Lenses This is the first of a few articles that popped up this week on the subject of DSLRs for video. Obviously one of the great advantages of the DSLR is the fact that they come with the ability to swap out various types of lenses. The downside to this for the newbie is that all you have to do is go to any decent camera site and suddenly there are thousands of lenses to choose from! Read[Full Post Here]

The Friday Roundup - Shooting in the Wet, Photography Hacks and Audio

Shooting in the Rain One problem that you will often come across in shooting videos is that of shooting in the rain. One of the most popular times for people to be shooting video on the fly is while they are on holidays and everyone knows that the chances of rain are dramatically increased once the gods become aware that you are on holidays! In the video below there are some great tips for dealing with shooting in[Full Post Here]

The Friday Roundup - VideoStudio Pro X8 Update, Audio Levels and Video Modes

Extending Lithium-Ion Battery Life One of the sites that I regularly follow from a Windows owner point of view is Windows Secrets. This site has been around since the dawn of time (well the dawn of Windows at least!) and is an incredible source of information on all things Windows. This week they sent out their regular email roundup and it contained a great article that is applicable to most of us. I have linked directly to it below. For[Full Post Here]

The Friday Roundup - Copyright, Google+ and Youtube Split and Filming Films

The Old Copyright Chestnut Every now and then there is a little disturbance in the force regarding the fair use of copyrighted material especially by video makers wanting to upload and distribute through YouTube. The bad news is that this still to some degree remains a grey area and in many cases even if you are OK to use something there is always the possibility you may get flagged anyway. This situation is probably at its worst when[Full Post Here]
DVD Finalization

A Step by Step Guide for Dealing With Unfinalized DVD Discs

There are a few possible scenarios that could have led to you having a disc that is unfinalized: For whatever reason you have a disc which a reading device or software is specifically saying is unfinalized. The finalization process was (or you suspect it was) begun on a disc and for some reason failed. In the case of some camcorders or DVD recorders, the disc was still in the process of having content added when for some reason[Full Post Here]

The Friday Roundup - Google Plus YouTube Changes and SmartPhone Tips

Google+ and YouTube Some time ago Google decided to enforce the connection between YouTube and Google Plus profiles. Most people at the time seemed to think that what Google were trying to do was to bolster it's social sharing site by tapping into the existing and future profiles on YouTube. This was based on the concept that Google were actually interested in Google Plus becoming the social network of choice for the majority of users, a sort of[Full Post Here]