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Magix Movie Edit Pro 2015 Review

Magix Movie Edit Pro 2015 Review

magix-movie-edit-pro-2015-boxMagix Movie Edit Pro 2015 is the latest incarnation of Magix feature rich consumer level video editing software program.

Movie Edit Pro has always boasted a superior feature set in comparison to the others on offer at this level and as a result of that philosophy compares very well to most in it’s class.

This year and last Magix have opted to calm down a little on the features side of things and concentrate more on usability and stability, aspects of the program that had been their Achilles heels.

Last year they mainly worked on a consolidation update to really get Movie Edit Pro running smoothly on a wider range of computers as well as spending a lot of time improving their help systems and user forums.

This year they have again gone under the hood to build on those welcome changes.

What’s New

This year with Movie Edit Pro 2015, Magix have made two important updates to the software.

64 Bit Architecture

The first of these is the core program itself which has been completely re-written on 64 bit architecture.

This now allows the software to be able to more efficiently use not only all the existing RAM on any given computer but also any other RAM associated with other components such as the video card.

Of course it still runs perfectly well on any 32 bit system but for today’s modern crop of highly compressed video files you need all the help you can get.

Keep in mind that even if your 32 Bit computer has more than 4 GB of RAM it still can’t actually use it for anything. On the other hand 64 Bit systems can use whatever you can load on to it.

User Interface

The second major update by Magix in this version is the user interface.

Prior to this long overdue update, the sheer number of features and tools offered by Movie Edit Pro was enormous and as they were progressively added, the user interface became more and more cluttered and a little messy.

In this version the graphics and layout have been given a fresher and clearer look with access to everything available through menus rather than a million icons plastered all over the screen.

Although it takes a little time to work out where everything is, I think most users with enjoy this layout more as they develop familiarity with it.

If you take a look at the images below you can see the editing interface set up in various ways to suit your requirements or to suit whatever it is you are doing at an given time.

Magix Movie Edit Pro 2015 offers both a timeline view of your video project to fine tune your edits as well as two storyboard views so you can step back and take a look at the big picture.




The Software Itself

Each time you open the Magix application a dialogue box appears first offering choices for what you wish to do.

You can start a new project and set the preferences for that project at the same time, open an existing project or select a movie template for using the “easy mode” wizard system.

If you like you can select to skip this dialogue box the next time you open the software up.

The layout is pretty straightforward with Tabs at the top of the screen covering each stage of the production process from Import though to Effects.

One slightly strange point is that there is no Tab for finishing a project!

To do this you have to locate a strange, poorly marked icon in the top right corner that takes you through to final file or disc creation.

If you can’t understand how to use a particular feature or function, you can go to the very serviceable help menu to troubleshoot.

The Magix website can also provide you with answers with a great range of “how to videos” as well as a good user forum.

Keep in mind that like most fully featured video editors there is a lot of functionality here to accommodate, so you will have to spend a little time to find your feet.

To get a “feel for the product take a look at the promotional video below. Keep in mind that it is a marketing tool so don’t get all carried away just yet!

File Formats

The software can handle just about any type of video you are likely to throw at it including all the latest highly compressed high definition video file types such as AVCHD up to 4K Ultra HD.

More importantly it can work with them in their original format eliminating the need to convert to a more “software friendly” editing format first. This applies to both 2D and 3D footage.

You can import the footage you want to work with from all common (and not so common) storage devices and systems.

Some of the popular recording devices that you can import from are Blu-rays, DVDs, all kinds of camcorders, a range of handheld devices as well as the new breed of still cameras that can take HD video footage.

The program can output to a wide variety of video types ensuring compatibility with most devices such as the many Smartphone brands, the iPod Touch and most other mobile devices.

You can create CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays and from within the software, directly upload your finished video to YouTube and various other video sharing sites.

It has an excellent range of preset parameter choices depending on your playback requirements and you can also manually set the parameters of any file you create.

Proxy Editing

Modern video files achieve high quality within a relatively small size by using very sophisticated compression technology.

The word “compression” is used because it sounds a whole lot better than what is actually happening!

What the capture software in your recording device is really doing is throwing stuff away!

It can do this because it makes a record of what was thrown away so your computer can re-create it when you are editing or playing it back.

This in turn throws enormous stress on to your computer resources and is the usual cause of freezing, crashing and other undesirable behavior.

To avoid this scenario, in Movie Edit Pro 2015 you can have the program automatically or manually, create a set of small low resolution copies of your original files.

Using these “proxy” files you can happily work away on your project without worrying about freezes and crashes.

When you have reached your final decision regarding your project and it is time to create the final product, the program uses the original high resolution assets to do so.

XAVCS Video File Support

In addition to 4K Ultra HD video compatibility the new version now also handles XAVCS files at that resolution.

For a full rundown on input and output compatibility click here:

Magix Movie Edit Pro 2015 System Requirements and Specs

Transitions and the GPU

Now that the program is built for 64 bit systems it can now really apply some processing power to the use of transitions and can handle even the most complex actions much faster.

This is especially important for anyone wanting to try their hand at 3D projects.

Any workload on the CPU of your computer that is being created by the use of transitions has now been transferred to the processing power of your graphics card.

The video transition interface has been simplified and “on the fly” previewing of both the transition effects themselves and your project to date have also become faster.

All 3D and HD transitions are now fully calculated using your graphics processor and run smoothly during previews.

In the same way the GPU has been roped in to do some of the dirty work for the transitions it has also been called to duty for video effects resulting in faster performance all round and better previewing.

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4 / 5 stars