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Magix Movie Edit Pro 2014 Review

Magix Movie Edit Pro 2014 Review

Magix Movie Edit Pro 2014 BoxMagix Movie Edit Pro 2014 is the latest version of this feature rich consumer level video editing software program by the European based Magix company.

The program has always been squarely aimed at the consumer to “prosumer” market and with an extensive feature set can produce and edit high quality 2D and 3D videos in a wide range of formats.

Magix have been consistently developing the program for a number of years now the result of which is a mature editing program encompassing a wide range of features built on a solid and stable base.

This current release of the software, Movie Edit Pro 2014, represents a consolidation and stabilization of the program rather than one driven by a bunch of shiny new stuff to make the marketing department happy.

What’s New in Movie Edit Pro 2014

Color Correction and Grading

The big innovation for this years editing programs has been the addition of color correction and color grading.

Most of the more well known software companies at this level of the market have introduced it this year in some form or another.

For the average user this means the ability to correct color in your projects a lot more effectively and with a lot less frustration attached!

The color grading aspect is definitely aimed at the prosumer and Magix’s solution to this has been to add the NewBlue ColorFast filter set to the program.

Not exactly pro grade color grading but a big step up in anyone’s book.

Animated Titles

Again Magix have decided not to re-invent the wheel by re-working their own titling module and have instead provided access to proDAD Heroglyph V4 Pro.

With this add-on you can create a wide range of animated titles based on your own designs or by using and customizing the pre-loaed templates.

Smoother Editing – Proxy Editing

This feature has been strangely missing from Movie Edit Pro for some time now and although they are late to the party is does represent solid value.

Modern video files achieve high quality within relatively small file sizes by using very sophisticated compression technology.

The use the word “compression” because it sounds better than what is actually happening!

What the capture software is really doing is throwing stuff away! It can do this because it makes a record of what was thrown away so your computer can re-create it when you are editing or playing it back.

This in turn throws enormous stress on to your computer resources and is the usual cause of freezing, crashing and other undesirable behaviour.

Enter Proxy Editing. To avoid this scenario, in Movie Edit Pro you can now have the program automatically or manually create a set of small low resolution copies of your original files.

Using these “proxy” files you can happily work away on your project without worrying about freezes and crashes.

When you have reached your final decision regarding your project and it is time to create the final file the progam uses the original high resolution files to do so.

4K Ultra HD format Video File Support

Simply provides input, editing and output support for this latest high resolution video format that newer devices such as GoPro’s are offering.

Touch Interfaces

Compatibility introduced for the new breed of touch based computer and mobile devices.

Transitions and the GPU

A reorganization of the transitions within the media library to make them a little easier and less confusing to deal with.

The big news is that any workload on the CPU of your computer that was being created by the use of transitions has now been transferred to the processing power of your graphics card.

All 3D and HD transitions are now fully calculated using your graphics processor and run smoothly during previews.

GPU Acceleration for Effects

In the same way the GPU has been roped in to do some of the dirty work for the transition it has also been called to duty for video effects resulting in faster performance all round and better previewing.

New Toolbar.

Just a redesign and tidying up of the toolbar to make it a little more user friendly.

OK! That;s it for what’s new in this version so let’s take a look at the program in action.

My Magix Movie Edit Pro 2014 Review.

User Interface


The interface of Magix Movie Edit Pro 2014 offers both a timeline view of your video project to fine tune your edits as well as a storyboard view so you can step back and take a look at the big picture.

Accessing each part of the program is relatively straightforward and if you can’t understand how to use a particular feature or function, you can go to the very serviceable help menu to troubleshoot.

The Magix website can also provide you with answers with a decent range of “how to videos” as well as a good user forum.

Keep in mind that like most fully featured video editors there is a lot of functionality here to accommodate, so you will have to spend a little time to find your feet.

The software can handle just about any type of video file you are likely to throw at it including all the latest highly compressed high definition video file types such as AVCHD up to 4K Ultra HD.

More importantly it can work with these files in their original format eliminating the need to convert to a more “software friendly” editing format first. This applies to both 2D and 3D footage.

You can import the footage you want to work with from all common (and not so common) storage devices and systems.

Some of the popular recording devices that you can import from are Blu-rays, DVDs, all kinds of camcorders, a range of handheld devices as well as the new breed of still cameras that can take HD video footage.

The program can output to a wide variety of video file types video ensuring compatibility with most devices such as the many Smartphone brands, the iPod Touch and most other mobile devices.

You can create CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays and from within the software, directly upload your finished video to YouTube and various other file sharing sites.

It has an excellent range of preset file choices depending on your playback requirements and you can also manually set the parameters of any file you create.


One of the strong points of Movie Edit Pro has always been its audio and this is directly the result of Magix starting out life as an audio editing software company.

The program offers exceptional audio control with very few consumer video editing software programs coming close to the audio abilities of this software. It can handle Dolby 5:1 as well as a wide range of audio file types.

Standout Features

The range of features being offered by all the major brands of video editing software these days seems to be getting longer and longer.

Rather than go into an endless listing of them here I will just cover some of the important one that Magix offers that the others do not.

Multi-cam Editing

One of the main points that has always separated video editing software for consumers from professional editing software is the fact that consumer editing software is designed for users who will only be editing footage from a single source.

In recent times it has become common for the average person to have access to additional
footage of the same event from one or more other recording devices.

Just think of the average wedding or party these days and it seems that everyone has some kind of video recording device available to them.

From within the average consumer level video editing software, combining and synchronizing this extra footage is a very difficult and very time consuming task and even then may not work out in the end.

The reason for this difficulty is that each device will be recording footage that has its own individual time-code stamp on it. This is like a small timeline running through the footage that is part of the digital information within the video.

When it comes to combining the footage these time-codes do not align correctly so your only alternative is to visually try to synchronize the events and the audio.

Even if you were to spend a lot of time doing it, neither the results nor the synchronization would be perfect and to be honest, in most cases will be a dismal failure.

Magix Movie Edit Pro 2014 makes it possible to combine all of the footage of an event from all types of storage devices shot from various angles.

You can combine footage with ease from many sources resulting in perfect synchronization of long shots and close ups.

This was one aspect of movie editing that until now separated professionally made videos from amateur videos, but the functions of Movie Edit Pro 2014 are beginning to bridge this divide.

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4 / 5 stars