Building Your Own Streaming Computer

When it comes to livestreaming, there are so many streamers out there that you need to have professional production values in order to stand out. If you really want good production values, you’ll need to invest in some better hardware. In particular, you should focus on hardware from these four categories to get the best setup. You’ll need increased CPU and RAM, an optimized motherboard, and more. Read on for how to set up a professional-quality livestream.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you want your livestreams to stand out you need to have good production values.
  • Higher requirements for your workflow will require more sophisticated technology to perform properly.
  • Here are the components of your hardware that you should be upgrading to have better quality livestreams.

“We take a look under the hood and explore the four main hardware components that directly affect performance when building or configuring a streaming workstation.”

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