Editing Tips

Tips, tutorials and an introduction to the basic concepts of video editing directed at the home user or beginner level.

Some Video Editing Basics

film-editorBefore you get into the process of editing that mountain of video you have had slowly piling up it is worth taking the time to figure out just where you are going with your video editing and exactly what it is that video editing software will do for you. In light of that, on these pages I will cover a few of the basic concepts and functions of editing software so that you can gain a clearer . . . → Continue reading: Some Video Editing Basics

Video Editing Basics Part Two

A Little Hollywood Magic So what do you do if you want to communicate the sense of excitement that the kids are experiencing at the entrance to the zoo if you didn’t get a shot of that? This is where the true sense of editing comes in. If we continue with our example of the zoo trip you will most likely find that you have a shot of the kids looking excited in a relatively close . . . → Continue reading: Video Editing Basics Part Two

MPEG2 AVCHD MPEG4 Editing Problems Explained

video file types

video file types When it comes to video editing software a common complaint I see on the video editing forums is that the software won’t do what it says it will do! Almost invariably the person making the complaint reveals by their question and subsequent conversation a basic lack of understanding about what they are doing and how the video editing software really . . . → Continue reading: MPEG2 AVCHD MPEG4 Editing Problems Explained

DivX and H.264 Video File Formats Explained

Divx Thumb

Divx ThumbDivX is the name of a specific video compression codec (compression-decompression) developed by DivX, Inc. The format was developed to enable users to create very high quality video with very small files sizes. The DivX codec is currently the most popular MPEG-4 based codec because of its quality, speed and efficiency. As is usually the case the popular becomes more popular because… well… it’s popular! So as . . . → Continue reading: DivX and H.264 Video File Formats Explained