Shooting Tips

A step by step guide on how to shoot better videos for the beginner or consumer level user.

Some basic tips designed to get you shooting better videos regardless of the camera or device you are using.

Shooting Better Home Videos

shooting-better-video-ia-tempIn this series of articles on shooting better videos I wanted to address a few of the basic concepts that the home video editor can learn and apply to not only shoot better videos but to make the video editing process much easier. For the average person, simply keeping these points in mind and sticking generally to the rules and advice I have laid out should improve the watchability . . . → Continue reading: Shooting Better Home Videos

Finding the Story in Your Videos

finding-the-storySo rather than endlessly theorize on all of this “finding the story” in your video stuff, let’s take look at a simple example: Let’s say you are attending a children’s birthday party that your child has been invited to. You want to get some video of the event and perhaps provide a copy to your child’s grandparents. When you are there of course the “story” of the day is unfolding before your eyes with wild abandon. If . . . → Continue reading: Finding the Story in Your Videos

Shooting Video for Editing

storyboardThe ability to edit what you shoot and have it come out making sense requires you to think about how your shots will be combined together before you take them. That doesn’t mean that every single edit needs to be meticulously planned in advance, but it does require that you have a sense of what shots you’ll need later when you sit down at the computer. In the spirit . . . → Continue reading: Shooting Video for Editing

Shooting Better Videos by Keeping it Steady

handheld-steadicam-iaThere is a style (if you can call it that) of shooting video that closely resembles a three year old watering the garden with a hose. I don’t know if this “style” has a name or not but if you can imagine a three year old watering the garden with a hose… I think you would get the picture! One could argue that at the end of the exercise all (or most) parts of the garden were . . . → Continue reading: Shooting Better Videos by Keeping it Steady

Basic Range of Video Shots

range-shots-iaCamera shots are essentially defined and named by the degree of closeness there is in the shot to the subject of that shot. Rather than getting too crazy technical here let’s just confine outselves to the four basic shots that are used and their purpose or effect on the viewer. As an exercise it would be a great idea to read through these explanations of the various shots then watch a movie or some TV for a . . . → Continue reading: Basic Range of Video Shots

The Rules of Video Composition

video-composition-iaBefore we get into all the rules and regulations of video composition there is an important point to keep in mind here. Most of the rules of composition for video are exactly the same as those for still image photography. The reason for this is that video is just a progressive sequence of still images being displayed at a speed that mimics real life and creates the illusion of motion. So if a rule works for still . . . → Continue reading: The Rules of Video Composition