Video Production Courses

There is certainly no shortage of “how to” videos and website pages devoted to the subjects of shooting video, editing or overall video production.

Unfortunately like most things on the internet, all of those resources sit there in a completely disorganized mass of information which doesn’t really help you learn much at all.

Sure you can learn some shooting tricks or get some editing tips but tips and tricks don’t really get you very far in the long run.

The real way to learn how to edit your videos or to shooting better video is through a systematic study of the subject and the only way to do that is by following a well organised course.

Over the years I have been trying to locate courses that would suit the beginner through to experienced user but have largely lucked out on the search.

There is no shortage of very advanced stuff but for relative newbies or those wanting to make sure their basics are right, there has been very little.

On this page I intend hopefully build up a set of courses that I can recommend to anyone setting out on their video journey that will offer a solid foundation for learning shooting, editing and video production as a subject.

So to kick this off here are some of the better ones I have found…. so far.

First up an overall course covering every aspect of video production from soup to nuts!

The Complete Video Production Bootcamp

This is a video production course hosted online that teaches how to vastly improve your videos no matter whether you use a smartphone, webcam, DSLR, mirrorless, or professional camera.

Whether you’re a YouTuber, blogger, vlogger, business owner, aspiring filmmaker, or just someone who wants to create videos, you will learn how to make professional looking videos.

The course covers everything from coming up with great video ideas, executing them in production and post-production, and distributing them to a wider audience online.

Made up of over 55 video lessons the emphasis is on creating professional looking videos regardless of the equipment you have, your current level of expertise (or lack thereof!) or the reason you are working with video in the first place.

A great allround course offering a solid grounding in the world of video.

The Complete Video Production Bootcamp

PowerDirector 15 – Video Editing for PC Users

72 lectures covering just about every aspect of the features in PowerDirector and how to use them in everyday situations.

This is a vital course for anyone using PowerDirector in order to unlock the full potential of this very feature rich editing suite.

PowerDirector 15 – Video Editing for PC Users