Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD Review Part 2

Still here? Well OK!

Let’s get on to the MPEG stuff in detail and this is where Womble truly shines.

After completing your video editing project the next step is to export the completed file either to a new file for distribution such as an mp4 for YouTube or to a DVD (MPEG2).

In Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD you can export to MPEG two ways.

One way is in “auto” mode so that the minimum re-encoding occurs allowing Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD to select an output setting with the least re-encoding possible.

This is an important point due to the fact that subsequent re-encoding of MPEG video files eventually results in loss of picture quality. The trick is to prevent re-encoding where possible.

In addition to the 7 built-in video file output templates in Womble, you can also design and add your own templates to the list. This is especially handy if you are repeatedly creating video for a particular purpose or for uploading to a specific video file sharing site like YouTube or Daily Motion.

Womble can identify exactly those parts of your video editing project based on your output settings that it does not need to re-encode automatically saving time and quality.

The other option for is for you to take full control of the video file export process. This happens in a similar manner to the automatic procedure except that the program gives you its recommendations first before proceeeding. That way you can agree or re-set the parameters of the video file output based on your needs.

MPEG Video Wizard DVD comes with built-in Dolby (AC-3) support which is capable of compressing any audio track into a two track stereo or 5.1 Surrond audio stream.

Exporting MPEG-4 movies

In the MPEG-4 Export window, you can select one of 4 output file formats. Apple iPod, Sony PSP, MPEG-4 standard without formatting specific to a hardware device (best for internet sharing sites) or Quicktime MOV MPEG-4 format.

DVD Maker

DVD Authoring.
Womble comes with a simple but fully featured DVD authoring tool that lets you quickly convert MPEG video files into a DVD video file system (“VIDEO_TS”) ready to be burned onto a DVD disc and played with a standard DVD player.

One major feature of the DVD editor is its ability to minimize video re-encoding, a process that is not only time consuming, but also causing video quality degradation.

You can create a DVD disc that contains both NTSC and PAL movies without video re-encoding, create DVD menus that include multiple video titles and motion video backgrounds and by using the menu template list you can build your own DVD menus or add your own menu design.

Batch Export Manager
Womble also comes with a batch processing module that allows you to set up batch exports jobs to run whenever is convenient for you.

Very often re-encoding video files is unavoidable and with MPEG video files this can take some time due to the complexity of the process being undertaken.

Batch exports allow you to set up these jobs as a task or group of tasks and schedule them at a time when you are not using your computer for other things.

MPEG Video File Correction Tools

MPEG Systems Stream Converter
You can use this tool to convert one format of MPEG stream into another format of MPEG Systems stream. Eg. An MPEG program stream into an MPEG transport stream. The converter only changes the MPEG format and does not alter the compressed video and audio data itself to retain quality.

MPEG MBS File Scanner
This one is really hard to describe but take my word for it… it’s way cool!

There are a set number of possible errors that can occur with any form of MPEG video file. Usually in playback they are not a problem but in editing they can cause out of sync problems or worse.

There can be errors in the original time-base or timing code of the MPEG file (remember this is MPEG2 or MPEG4 mp4), changes to the encoder setting when the files were made (like changing the setting on your DVD camcorder with the same disc in the unit) or audio encoder changes or errors that make the audio and the video go out of alignment.

The MBS tool can scan all the files you are using in a project and regardless of how different they are “remembers” what those differences are and instructs the MPEG editor on how to deal with the whole mess!

The file created by the MBS tool is recognized by the MPEG editor so that the loaded files are seen as one complete MPEG stream.

That results in an automatic correction of all differences in standard or correction or original errors.

Like I said on the first page of this review if you want to really know all the information on why MPEG2 video files and MPEG4 video files are hard to handle then take a look here at MPEG2 video editing MPEG4 video editing for the full rundown.

Just briefly, MPEG video files are made up of Groups Of Pictures called GOPs. These are also prone to error which is also not a problem for playback but IS a problem for editing. Without going into too much boring technical detail this tool can scan and correct any problem MPEG video file you are trying to edit.

The GOP tool will correct GOP time code errors based on its calculation from the complete video sequence so very few bits of original data get changed again retaining quality.

It can also correct a whole lot more than this but you don’t really need that level of technical information… I know I don’t!Well that about sums up Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD!

It offers exceptional MPEG2 and MPEG4 editing for someone who has no need for all the bells and whistles.

It has a slightly difficult user interface that does require a bit of a learning curve but overall this becomes insignificant compared to its superior MPEG editing and output qualities.

If your needs are squarely aimed at editing MPEG2 or MPEG4 (mp4) video files then Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD is a great choice.

As always I strongly suggest you download the trial version and take it for a run yourself. You can check it out at the Womble site by clicking this link:

Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD Free trial Download

3.5 / 5 stars

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  • My wife recently bought a DVD from the local market for our son. I put it im my computer running windows 10 and it says WOMBLEDVD and will not play. I have all the video codecs installed to play a vast majority of DVDs. I searched online how to play WOMBLEDVD as i haven`t heard of them before and i`m not getting anywhere - any help would be appreciated. thanks

    • Hi Paul,
      OK I am assuming the packaging isn't giving you any clues here.
      Put the DVD back into the Windows computer and if Windows asks what you want it to do with the disc choose "Open Disc."
      That will allow you to see the actual file structure of what is on it.
      It sounds to me like it could either be an installation disc for the Womble MPEG video editing software OR some kind of video of "The Wombles" which is a British children's cartoon series.
      Get back to me with what you find and we can take it from there.
      P.S What were you expecting it to be?

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