Video Editing 101: How to Edit a Video from Start to Finish

Recording the video lets you show off your creativity and no two recordings can ever be the same.

Many enthusiasts forget post processing steps that are equally challenging, interesting and creativity demanding.

For beginners, these steps often feel formidable, and the capability of software suites certainly does not alleviate the anxiety.

Familiarity with what you can expect should help. Tutorials can guide you through steps like importing and organization, important even before you start cutting and applying effects.

Final considerations will include the format of the exported file, based on your intention about where and how to play it back.

Key Takeaways:

  • Separate your files by date of download or recorded, then put those folders into another folder that has a more “all-encompassing” name.
  • When importing, make sure to consider how you want your video to play out and its resolution size.
  • There are several steps in the production process that need to happen in order for you to end up with a good sounding video.

“Creating folders on your desktop or hard drive is the first step in this process. But, this takes time.”

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