Hello and Welcome to the DIY Video Editor

These days most of us have access to at least some kind of handheld video recording device whether it be one dedicated to the task or simply the ability to capture video on a mobile phone.

Some of you may want to produce simple home movies, some of you may be thinking of yourselves as future YouTube video stars and others may be just looking for a place to start learning how to edit your videos a little more professionally.

Unfortunately most of the available information on shooting better videos, editing your videos effectively, choosing the right software, handling audio and all the parts that make up this subject are spread out all over the place.

Here at the DIY Video Editor I have tried to isolate the basics and provide a starting point for anyone wanting to get into video production as a hobby, as a path to a more professional end or simply as a a family duty!

You can get to everything through the menu system on the right and just hit the Contact button in the sidebar Menu of every page to ask me anything, or if you prefer just Comment on a Post and I’ll try to help out as best I can.

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