The Federal Trade Commission requires that website owners and operators disclose any relationship they have between a product manufacturer or service provider when writing about a product or service on their sites.

This is a good thing, it allows the reader (you) to have a clear understanding of any relationship between the site owner or operator and how it may or may not affect what it presented on the site.

These are the guidelines I operate under here at The DIY Video Editor:

Paid Reviews:

I have never been paid to do a review or personally promote a product. Despite constant and I am sure irritating begging, I have never had the opportunity to accept such money to review a product or service because no-one has made an offer!

The problem with this may be that even if I did receive money for a review it would not alter what I would write anyway. So if you want to pay me to write a review of your crappy product I will take the money but I will state clearly that your crappy product is a crappy product.

If you happen to have a good product and want me to write a review AND pay me money then I am absolutely on-board with that. In fairness though I must warn you that the addition of money to the mix still wont change what I write.

Affiliate Commissions:

If there is a link to a product or service in a review, opinion piece or news item on this blog then just assume I am going to get a commission if you subsequently purchase through that link.

Quite often I am too lazy or too disorganized to actually put an affiliate link in place to get the commission but for the sake of completeness let’s just assume that all links to product pages or manufacturers sites on this blog are affiliate links and I will get a commission if you purchase.

I do not review or include in any way any product or service on this blog for the purpose of gaining a commission through sales. All items are included for the purpose of providing relevant content for you the reader.


3rd party advertising may appear on this site served remotely from the site itself. I exercise no control over what is served by those services other than to restrict advertising from nasty porny, spammy sites.

If you click on one of those ads I will receive a payment from the 3rd party advertising service company. As such no advertiser can control any content of this site or influence what appears on the site because I maintain no direct relationship with them.

What I do with the Revenue

Any revenue generated by this site through affiliate sales or advertising will be greedily keep for myself and no-one else and will most likely be wasted on toys, candy and bright shiny objects.