Corel VideoStudio Pro X10 and Ultimate X10 Review

VideoStudio X10 Splash Screen

Corel VideoStudio Pro X10 and VideoStudio Ultimate X10 are the latest version releases of Corel’s popular and feature packed consumer video editing software.

This product has been around for quite some time and VideoStudio is now a well matured and stable program which has benefitted from active development especially over the past 6 or 7 years.

My first copy of VideoStudio was version 6 under the now defunct Ulead name back in 2004!

The software’s continued to success can be largely put down to Corel’s continued engagement in an ongoing dialogue with their most active users on their excellent “user to user” forum.

They haven’t just tried to passively defend their program to their existing customer base or read their minds but have proactively sought both advice and ideas for future direction.

VideoStudio Pro X10 and Ultimate X10 is a great example of what can happen when a software company like Corel listens and makes an effort not to just correct errors but to anticipate and satisfy needs.

The result of this smart move has been steady forward development in the functionality, usability and stability of each year’s final release candidate.

I have no reservations in recommending Corel VideoStudio Pro X10 or Ultimate X10 to anyone looking for editing software at this level.

The program does everything it is supposed to do, does it very well and easily holds its own against the competition in the consumer grade editing software market.

You can take a look at the video below to get an idea of what the software has on offer but bear two things in mind while you are watching.

First, the video was produced using VideoStudio Ultimate X10… which is a good thing.

Second, it is an ad after all, so don’t get too carried away just yet!

Pro X10 versus Ultimate X10

Before I go any further let’s first of all take a look at the difference between the standard Pro X10 and Ultimate X10 versions.

The software is competitively priced within its market however by going from the Pro X10 to the Ultimate X10 version you get some serious bang for your extra $20.00!

The two are essentially the same except that with the Ultimate X10 version you get everything in the Pro X10 version plus premium special effects packs that take the software to a new level.

It is important to note that these individual modules are plugins which integrate into the overall program and it is these that give VideoStudio Ultimate X10 the pro tools appearing in many of the consumer level products these days.

Some brands have opted for completely separate modules to extend their capabilities and others like Corel have simply turned to the experts in their respective fields and incorporated those features into the main program through the use of plugins like these.

Neither system is superior to the other however the difference is in how the company has achieved that integration.

In the case of VideoStudio that integration has been executed very well.

The additional features you get with the Ultimate X10 version are:

The premium special effects packs from Prodad, NewBlue FX and Boris which takes the total number of effects, filters etc from 1500 up to 2000.

In the multicam editing module you can simultaneously edit up to 6 clips at a time rather than the 4 on offer in Pro X10.

The ability to import and edit MXF (XAVC) Video Files, which is a broadcast quality video file format.

So What’s New and Improved?

First up let’s establish that this is not the type of update that has been designed to wow the public with shiny bells and whistles and for me that is always a good thing.

Whenever I see a video editing program maker loudly announcing a whole bunch of new features I tend to cringe a little!

More often than not those new features are either half baked or upon inspection turn out to be things that are not really all that useful.

Sure, they make for great marketing copy but in the end if you are not going to use them, they add nothing to the proposition.

This is not the case with VideoStudio Pro X10 with the majority of the new or improved features being consolidations of existing features into more usable form or upgrades to add-ons.

Mask Creator

Both versions can handle creating and manipulating masks so let’s get that out of the way from the outset.

However, in the Ultimate X10 version all of that functionality is pulled together into one self contained module.

This means the creation of a mask and subsequent application of effects can be done from one place with greater control.

Time Remapping

Already existing in VideoStudio is the ability to speed up or slowdown videos or portions of them.

The new time remapping module does this as well but offers easier access to it and a much improved interface to get the job done with finer control.

Group Objects

Once you have a group of objects loaded onto the timeline and regardless of what they are you can now select them all and have them behave as a group.

You can move them all at once on the timeline or apply filters or effects which take effect on all the objects in the group in one go.

360° Video Support

So let’s first establish what this is not.

This is not the ability to import, edit then export to 360° Video.

This offers the ability to import 360° Video and then use selections from it to be used in a normal video file.

Some may argue that other software can do this and they would be correct but…

I can absolutely assure you that very few people are really doing it.

Creating 360° Video projects depends on you having access to 360° video in the first place by either getting it online or capturing it yourself with your 360° video camera.

To view these projects you need to upload the 360° video to YouTube or Vimeo OR have access to a VR unit at home.

All of this for the average person is highly unlikely so the ability to import and manipulate 360° Video is all very well but at this point in time the inability to output is kind of meaningless.

I would prefer Corel spent their developmental time and money on useful features for today rather than worrying about what we “may” be doing in the future.

For now and for most people this is easily enough and in fact for the vast majority, more than enough.

Track Transparency

This new feature offers full control over the transparency of any track or tracks on the timeline and can be used to have clips fade in and out or become more or less transparent in your projects.

This allows you almost infinite control over fading in and fading out video on top of each other whether it is full screen or as an overlay insert.

On top of what I have covered so far there have been changes to the versions of the various plugins that come with both VideoStudio Pro X10 and VideoStudio Ultimate X10 and to be honest it all gets a little confusing.

For the full rundown on what plugins come with which version just click here for the Feature Comparison Chart.

So that’s it for what new and exciting, on to the review!

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4.5 / 5 stars     
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