How to Choose an Editor

A step by step guide to choosing the best video editing software to suit your needs.

Understand what the various functions are in video editing software and how important or unimportant they are based on your needs.

How to Choose Video Editing Software

The overall theme of this site is to try to simplify the process of how to choose video editing software and how to get started in both shooting and editing your footage. So in this section of the site I have outlined what I believe is an effective strategy anyone can follow when trying to decide on which video editing software is best for you. This page will give you a good overview of the existing . . . → Continue reading: How to Choose Video Editing Software

Prices and Budget

budget This is a more detailed page as part of the series on how to choose the best video editing software for you. On this page we will cover the need for deciding on a price range and setting (and sticking to!) a budget. In sales I think they say that the very last thing you should discuss with the customer is the price. So in the spirit . . . → Continue reading: Prices and Budget

Making Sense of the User Interface

interface-ia One of the first things you will see when you open any video editing program is of course the user interface. When trying to decide which editing software you want to choose there is an importance to this point but there is also a need to put it in its correct perspective. All computer software attempts to some degree, to mimic the same function that the software is . . . → Continue reading: Making Sense of the User Interface

Video File Format Compatibility

video-formats Video File Import and Export Choices As I mentioned in another post in this series on how to choose the best video editing software for you one thing to keep in mind during the selection process is, “What is it that I am REALLY going to do with this software?” There is absolutely no point in spending extra money on software that handles all sorts of TV broadcast standard video file formats because it seems cool . . . → Continue reading: Video File Format Compatibility

Basic Editing Functions

editing-functions The software you will be looking at for home video editing goes by the name of Non-Linear Editing (NLE). NLE video editors differ from old video editing techniques due to the entire process being carried out within a computer environment. The main concept of this, that benefits you the user, is that all editing decisions you make, everything you do to a clip or a project is only . . . → Continue reading: Basic Editing Functions

Number of Tracks Available for Editing

editing-tracks This feature of modern consumer editing software is probably one of the most prone to marketing hype and useless “gee whizz” promotion of all of them. Don’t be fooled! Most editing programs will have a layout that generally looks like the image above. There will be a screen at the top (left or right) to preview files and your project. There will be a section next to that . . . → Continue reading: Number of Tracks Available for Editing

Video Transitions – Much Ado About Nothing

more-transitions One of the questions regarding video editing for the home user that I most often see on the various user forums I contribute to is, “Where can I get more transitions?” This is an endless source of amusement for the “old hands” and would make any pro editor throw his hands up in horror! Let me explain why because this point is one of the major sources of . . . → Continue reading: Video Transitions – Much Ado About Nothing

Video Editing Special Effects and Filters

special-effects-filters If there is any area of video editing where you can go hog wild and create all sorts of crazy visuals it is here in the special effects area of the video editing software you choose. Having said that it is also important to understand that in most cases the “less is more” approach is oft times far more advisable! Remember, someone else is supposed to be the audience for your masterpiece and the creation of . . . → Continue reading: Video Editing Special Effects and Filters

Audio Editing Features

audio-ia The history of audio editing capability within video editing software products was such that in the past I never even bothered with it as a feature to look at. The average editor almost invariably carried with it the most pathetic attempts at providing the consumer with some kind of useful tools for their sound files. However things have changed over the past two or three years and whilst audio control is not one of the shining . . . → Continue reading: Audio Editing Features

Video Rendering Encoding Features

rendering-ia All non-linear video editing software handles the video and audio assets you are using to create your project in a particular way. None of them ever actually touch the original video clips, audio clips or still images you are using. Similarly they all never actually do anything until you are totally finished making all your decisions and creative choices. Until you do finish the project the software you choose will be creating a small file very . . . → Continue reading: Video Rendering Encoding Features