Corel VideoStudio 2021 Review

This is my Corel VideoStudio review covering the latest versions of Corel’s popular and feature packed consumer video editing software suites.

VideoStudio has been around for quite some time now and is a well matured, stable program which has benefited from active development since its inception.

In fact my very first copy of VideoStudio was version 6 under the now defunct Ulead name back in 2004!

Since purchasing the program from Ulead many years ago Corel have maintained a philosophy of engaging with and consulting their most active users on their excellent “user to user” forum.

VideoStudio Pro 2021 and VideoStudio Ultimate 2021 are both great examples of what can happen when a software company like Corel listens and makes an effort to not just correct errors, but to anticipate and satisfy future needs.

The result of this has been steady forward improvement in the functionality, usability and stability of each year’s final release candidates.

I have no reservations in recommending Corel VideoStudio Pro 2021 or Ultimate 2021 to anyone looking for fully featured editing software program at this level.

It does everything it is supposed to do, does it very well and easily holds its own against the competition in the consumer grade editing software market.

Check out the video below to get an idea of what the software has to offer but bear two things in mind while you are watching.

First, the video was produced using VideoStudio Ultimate 2021… which is a good thing.

Second, it is an ad after all, so let’s not get too carried away just yet!

VideoStudio Pro versus VideoStudio Ultimate

Before we go any further let’s first of all take a look at the differences between the standard Pro version of VideoStudio 2021 and the Ultimate version.

The software is competitively priced within its market however by going from Pro 2021 to the Ultimate 2021 version you get some serious bang for your extra $20.00!

The two are essentially the same core editing programs having mostly comparable feature sets.

The real difference lies in the added features and functionality you get from the set of premium special effects packs and add-ons in the Ultimate version.

It is important to note that these extra modules are mostly plugins which integrate into the overall program and it is these that give VideoStudio Ultimate 2021 the pro tools appearing in many of the consumer level products these days.

Some brands have opted for developing their own integrated modules to extend the capabilities of their software.

Others like Corel have simply turned to the experts in their respective fields and incorporated those features into the main program through the use of plugins like these.

Neither system is superior or inferior to the other, however the real difference is in how the company has achieved that integration.

In the case of Corel that integration has been executed very well.

The additional features you get with the Ultimate 2021 version are:

  • Premium special FX packs from Prodad, NewBlue FX and Boris which takes the total number of effects, filters etc from 1500 up to around 2000.
  • In the multicam editing module you can simultaneously edit up to 6 clips at a time rather than the 4 on offer in Pro 2021.
  • The video mask creator.
  • Full color grading including the new Color Wheel feature.
  • Morph and seamless transitions.
  • 3D Titling Editor.
  • Split screen template creator.
  • Advanced Video Stabilization

So What’s New and Improved?

First of all let’s be clear that this is not a “bells and whistles” update full of bright shiny objects designed to make the marketing department’s life easier.

In this release of VideoStudio 2021 the majority of the new or improved features are either consolidations of existing features into a more advanced form or genuinely useful upgrades to the core program.

So in no particular order here they are:


First up the rendering engine itself has been updated to take advantage of the latest video hardware acceleration technologies from Intel and NVIDIA.

In most cases this should improve performance overall in speeding up rendering to popular file formats, including new support for output video with Alpha channel.

Color Grading

In VideoStudio Pro 2021 they have pretty much stayed with the existing color correction module which is perfectly fine for the average user.

However in VideoStudio Ultimate 2021 they have introduced advanced color correction and color grading tools allowing the use of HSL tuning, tone curves and more.

You can now use LUT (Lookup Tables) profiles in the software as well as store your own pre-sets to use later in other projects.

Improved Video Masking

The Video Mask creator has been re-worked to offer far greater control as well as more blending modes and better integration with other features.

Painting Creator

You can now create custom animated overlays using a selection of brushes which have been ported over from Corel’s graphics programs Painter® and PaintShop® Pro.

Using this tool you can record your brush strokes as you work allowing you add your completed graphics to your video.

They can be integrated as a as a static graphic asset, or as I mentioned already, an animated effect.

MultiCam Capture™

This feature allows you to capture footage live such as recording the screen as well as a webcam at the same time.

This feature then integrates with the MultiCam Editor to allow you to switch between devices in an easy way.

The Mask Creator and the Titling Module have been upgraded to offer greater options and better control.

Most of the included plugins from NewBlue, Prodad and Boris have been updated to more recent versions.

For the full rundown on what plugins come with which version just click here for the Feature Comparison Chart.

And finally! Speed and Performance

As has been the case with most major updates of VideoStudio Pro 2021 and VideoStudio Ultimate 2021 for the past few years, Corel have paid particular attention to optimizing the program for a smother and faster editing and rendering experience.

Both VideoStudio Pro 2021 and VideoStudio Ultimate 2021 can take full advantage of the latest video hardware acceleration technologies from Intel and NVIDIA improving efficiency and dramatically speeding up rendering to modern file formats.

So that’s it for what new and improved or enhanced… on to the review!

Click here to continue the Corel VS Pro 2021 Review

Click Here to See VideoStudio for Yourself

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  • So where is the best option to choose,, i used to edit my vlog with high quality

  • Nice review Lance. I've downloaded and tried Corel VideoStudio 2018 for some days. I am satisfied with the features and the performance. However, I've struggling with rendering MP4 videos that are longer than 3 minutes. The process always stop at 96%. After a few minutes, a pop-up appears telling me that the format is supported on Windows 7, 8 and 10 only (I am using a Windows 10 Laptop). Though I've contacted technical support of Corel but they can't resolve the problem. Do you have any idea?

    • Hello Jacky,
      As Lance says, there are endless reasons. A few years ago, Rendering would stop at 99% for long video files. In my case the application was freezing without displaying any message. Sure, I found a multitude of so called fixes only to find out that my disk drive was possibly defective. So, I tried processing the same file on a USB drive. It worked. I finally replaced my disk drive and the problem never occurred since.
      I realize that you're having this problem on a Laptop and considering replacing the hard drive is the last thing you want to do. For the sake of curiosity, try processing the same file on an external drive, just to make sure that the problem is not caused by your hard drive.

    • Hi Jacky,
      Let me give you the standard Tech Support answer to your question... "Gee! It shouldn't do that!"

      Now let's move to the real world!

      The possibilities as to why it is doing that are endless. The one general rule you can apply is that the error message you are getting is totally irrelevant to what the cause is.

      To debug this I would need to know the source and type of files you are using in the project.
      The general specs of your computer, RAM, CPU, empty drive space etc.

      As you can see this may go on and on so if you like send me an email using the Contact button on this site I I would be happy to plug away at it for you until we can get it sorted.

  • I have used Coral Video Studio since it was ULead. Not needing the entire complexity and involvement of Adobe, I decided to continued using VS and, aside from being a little buggy, it is very workable. I will continue to use my Video Studio, but not upgrade any more. Their newest upgrades include an Advertising Virus. This I think rather rude.

    I am not happy about them installing on my property, my PC a Virus that Advertises their product EVEN WHEN I AM NOT USING IT. This I think is truly disgusting. Together with their highhanded approach to request ...

    Therefore, the Program I would give 4/5 acknowledging that it is nowhere as easy and as good as advertised; but that is the usual sales hype.

    The support would have me removed 1/5 for the product and the Included Virus another 2/5.

    Overall, 1/5 would be my rating for the Program, Support and the Company.

    • Yeah, you might want to settle down a bit there tiger, sounds like somebody needs a hug!
      First up let's clarify our terms because bandying about words like "virus" here does not really help anyone!
      It is NOT a virus OK?
      It is called a "Push Notification" and is exactly the same system a gazillion other software programs and mobile apps use to communicate with users.
      All that happens is that occasionally the software communicates with the mother ship to see if there are any updates or special offers available and from within the system try you get a little popup.
      Why are you getting them?
      Because YOU (that's right... you!) chose to receive notifications when the software was being installed... of course like most people you probably forgot that bit.
      Anyhoo now that you have changed your mind on the whole receiving notifications thingy all you have to do is this:
      Start the Program.
      Go to Help, Message Settings and select the frequency you want or opt out altogether.

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