Magix Movie Edit Pro Review Part Two

So what’s it got and what can you do?

First up importing your media such as video files, images and audio can be done through a wizard based system or you can do it manually.

Through the interface you can preview files before you hit the go button to import so you don’t end up with a bunch of stuff you didn’t really need.

Once you have everything located in the program’s library you can then arrange or rearrange everything to suit your work flow.

Although library customization doesn’t sound like the sexiest of features trust me, once you start editing it is vital that you can access your assets quickly and easily.

As I mentioned on the previous page the interface is well laid out and pretty easy to understand and most importantly does not try to show you everything all at once.

This keeps the general appearance uncluttered with access to the full features tucked conveniently away behind icons or the menus system until you actually need them.

The timeline offers up to 99 tracks for editing and does not differentiate between different types of tracks.

You can just add any kind of asset whether it be a video, audio or image to a track and work with it.

This feature adds enormously to the generally uncluttered feel of the software especially when you are getting to a point in your project where you have a lot of things loaded into it.

One feature of Movie Edit Pro that should be noted here is the ability to mix assets on the timeline.

Most editing programs these days allow you to add footage from different sources which may be in some way mismatched.

The big question on this is how well they can handle doing it and very often it is just easier to process all your assets to one common file format to get the job done painlessly.

Magix Movie Edit Pro is probably one of the best around for dealing with this and the reason for it is a little hidden under the hood rather than out where you can see it.

The big brother of this program is called Video Pro X and is Magix’ professional level editing program.

At that level of software it is expected that mixed assets on the timeline can be handled as a matter of course.

At the consumer level not so much!

I very much suspect that this portion of Magix Movie Edit Pro actually comes from the pro level program resulting in a far smoother experience with mixed video files.

The program offers an alternate Story Board view of the your project which is great for beginning a project giving you a more general view of what you have added or need to add.

With that done you can then switch back to the timeline view to engage in more precise editing actions.

The software also offers a Multi-cam editing feature which allows you to edit footage from up to 4 cameras simultaneously.

The footage is automatically synchronized using the audio track which makes editing events that have been recorded by a number of camera much easier.

There is a screen recording feature in MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium as well which allows you to create tutorials and screen casts quickly and easily.

Either the entire computer screen or a portion of it can be recorded and the resulting file loads automatically into a new project or can be added to an existing one by choice.

Effects, Transitions, Filters & Templates

OK this section could go on forever so I’ll just note some of them.

Needless to say there is a whole bunch of stuff going on here!

Movie Edit Pro comes with a bewildering array of special video filters and effects both native to the program itself or offered through third party plugins like those from NewBlue.

Hundreds of transitions many of which are fully customizable and can be individually saved as new transitions if you feel you don’t have enough!

You get lots of DVD and Blu-ray menu templates as well as a bunch of movie templates you can use to create quick projects based on a theme.

One of the better features of the program is the attention to control they have added.

With a single click of the mouse button you can instantly zoom in on an effect or an object you have added to the timeline and have it expand to full screen size.

You can then make your adjustment, click the mouse again and have it return to normal view to check your work.

Slow motion sequences can be created with smooth transitions using intermediate frames which results in transitions that remain smooth and seamless even when the footage is playing very slowly.

Color Correction

This has always been a strong point for Magix and this year is no different.

Movie Edit Pro offer two levels of dealing with color in general.

The first is what they call Primary Color Correction and is the type of color correction most video editing software offers these days.

It can be used to correct color casts in videos in an overall sense, change the “look” of the video, reset the white balance and other actions like that.

It is pretty easy to use and very effective.

The second level of handling color is what they call Secondary Color Correction and at this point they are more accurately describing color grading and special effects achieved through the manipulation of color.

With in the Secondary Color Correction module you can change individual colors to adjust skin tones or for example, make your video black and white with the exception of a single color to achieve a color pass effect, such as the one in the movie Sin City.

Movie Edit Pro also offers a fully loaded green screen or blue screen effect module that also has quite a good anti-spill filter that allows green screen footage that may not be quite as sharp as it needs to be to be still usable.

Object Tracking

There has been a substantial overhaul of this feature with a “pin object” choice added.

Whilst fully automated object tracking is still not with us the new module offers at least a hint of that with the ability to mark an object, have it tracked and then add a mask or image or effect to that point as it tracks.

Beat-based editing

Part of the effort to appease the GoPro crowd beat-based editing lets you automatically or manually synchronize music and image edits.

Effect Transitions

A new set of transitions (not that we really need them but that’s just me!) based on a new kind of system for creating them based on blurring.

Wireless Project Transfer

Using the free APP that comes with the software you can wirelessly transfer files and projects between your mobile device and your editing computer via WLAN.


Yes it has 3D. I am not fan of 3D in general yet so… yes it handles 3D very well.


Audio is another area where Movie Edit Pro has always been very strong and this is mainly due to Magix starting off in life many years ago as an audio software company.

It offers a wide selection of high-quality instruments and tools for dubbing, mixing and audio restoration.

There is a soundtrack maker for automatic dubbing and a real-time audio mixer for detailed audio editing using a whole range of special effects including the ability to mix and balance for 5.1 surround sound.

External effects can also be added through the VST plug-in interface as well as a great set of correction tools for removing unwanted noise from either your video or audio tracks.

It has a handy audio leveling feature that can be used at the end of a project to make sure that the volume throughout remains constant.

This is a vital feature if you are using video and audio assets from different sources due to them invariably having been recorded at different volume levels.

Media Output

The newly introduced export wizard displays the most common export options and by choosing one you are immediately taken into the process only having to fill in information or make further selections based on that output.

Most of these require very little as they have already been optimized with preset parameters to suit that particular format.

Of course at any point in the process you can step in and take control if there is anything you want to change to suit your own needs.

For example if you want to upload to YouTube or Vimeo then the best quality file type for those services is automatically selected and the final render of the file can be uploaded as part of the finishing process.

On the other hand if you want to burn a disc such as a DVD or Blu-ray then you are taken through a series of steps that although selects the file format automatically, stops at the menu stage to give you a chance to personalize that section of the process.

Animated Travel Routes

Creating a travel route or a map to show your journey on video is another rather complex task when using most movie making software.

Magix Movie Edit Pro 2016 comes with an inbuilt module for this purpose enabling you to add maps easily.

Once you have your map added you can then trace your journey across a map with an animated line.

Final Thoughts

The earlier iterations of Movie Edit Pro came roaring out of the blocks with features way beyond what anyone else at the time were offering.

Unfortunately at that time the software suffered from stability problems caused by the program just not being up to delivering all that promise.

Happily over the past 6 or 7 years Magix have taken their attention off the addition of features and focused on addressing those usability problems and they have done it with great success.

In Magix Movie Edit Pro, Magix have clearly caught up on the housekeeping and come up with a product that fulfills the promise they have been showing for a number of years.

With this latest version they have found a balance between the drive for innovation and new features and what the whole point of the software is really: video editing for the average person.

Magix Movie Edit Pro is now without a doubt one of the best in the market, loaded with excellent features and functions all in a package that is both stable and useable.

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4 / 5 stars

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  • So in part 1 you said

    "In light of that, last year’s Movie Edit Pro 2016 is now and into the future just simply Movie Edit Pro"

    So why are they selling Maxix Premium 2017 and 2018 and continuing to offer upgrade pricing that is more than Amazon charge for the whole package, I wonder.

    • Peter I have no idea!

      Probably if you looked into it you would find what you are seeing is old info or old versions not being marketed directly by them but then again why bother.

      Magix makes nice software.

      However when it comes to explaining their purchase options, update options and policies they are the Forrest Gumps of the industry.

      Their websites are rife with outdated info or at least misleading info.

      I don't think it is due to malice but more incompetence.

      For example since announcing the "no more yearly versions" model they have this year already referred to Magix Movie Edit Pro 2018 which. If I am not mistaken reeks of being a "version!"

      Bottom line is that they make a very good consumer level video editing suite that would suit anyone that already has great problem solving skills sufficient to navigate through their terms and conditions!

  • Lance - Enjoy reading your comments. Am a flat out pre-beginner in this category of software. Have not made the purchase yet, nor ever used any video editing software. Want to seriously get into it for YouTube publishing of all things tech for baby boomers, as I am one myself. Am tech savvy and a fast learner. These Magix products are high on my list. May have missed it but what's your take on the feature differences between Pro Plus and Premium? Worth the extra cost for Premium? Thanks

    • Hi Peter,
      The only difference between the two is that in the Premium version you get two extra plugins.

      One is the New Blue Titler Pro plugin that allows you to create professional looking titles for your videos.

      You can still create titles without it in the software anyway, it's just titles on crack.

      The second one is the MotionStudios Vasco da Gama 9 Essential plugin that specializes in creating travel route maps for projects.

      Given what you are going to be doing with the software, neither of these would be particularly essential.

  • Worth noting some things about Magix policy on some of the "downloads" and upgrades. These seem to form a major part of the product although as I am only trialling at the moment I don't have access and can't see the full list.

    These are included for one year within the product price. If you reinstall after that you'd need to be paying for the upgrade service as I understand it. Magix' site says that is available at a special discount price, but doesn't say what.

    I asked Magix about the cost after the first year. On the Premium product (which is currently £56 on Amazon UK or about Euros 66) the upgrade service cost is Euros 69.99.

    A nasty little secret.

    • Hi Stuart,
      I have to agree that they have and apparently still are, handling this poorly.

      I grilled them back when I did the review on this point and to be honest I still don't know if they have it totally under control.

      I don't really think they thought it through very well because of your exact experience.

      The list price on their site for MEP Premium is $129 so the upgrading service at about $70 (this is all in USD) is roughly equivalent to most of the upgrading offers by the other software makers.

      Of course they didn't think about someone like you shopping around for a "deal" and landing it at a greatly reduced price because then the upgrade deal looks totally dodgy!

      In fact I told them that by failing to clearly state the upgrade price on their website was a dodgy look in any case they kind of umm'd and aaa'd said nothing.

      • I think that's spot on Lance. I'd add that they replied that the price on their site is a deal and that it's normally a higher price Euros 89.99. However, it was that higher price when I started my trial and they immediately sent a 20% discount voucher, so the I believe the true price even leaving aside cheaper prices on Amazon (not much shopping around needed :-)) is about Euros 72, so the upgrade service at 69.99 seems very expensive. As you say - hiding it makes it seem worse and has totally put me off buying the product to be honest. At this price there is no upgrade service at all - just the option to buy the product again every year at near enough full price - kind of a dumb business model.

        • Yup! And the fact that you had to ASK for the upgrade price is unbelievable.

          Pity, because it really is a very good editor!

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