The Friday Roundup – Online Videos Making Their Mark and Tutorials Galore!

Video and Social Media

There is growing evidence to suggest that the stranglehold FaceBook has over the social media space at the moment may be beginning to wane.

What this has to do with video and video editing may not be apparent to many people but it is worth taking a look at if a wider distribution of your videos is something you are interested in.

If you have ever tried to upload a video to FaceBook you will know that it is a kind of clunky process. Additionally the FaceBook environment is designed in such a way as to restrict or at least discourage things on FaceBook travelling outside of the platform itself.

What happens on FaceBook stays on FaceBook!

Part of the rising popularity of Pinterest lies in it’s mix of text, images and video content as well as the ease it offers for cross posting to other services where there may be another type of audience available.

For example you can make a video, upload it easily to YouTube and now have it sitting right in the middle of both the YouTube community as well as totally on Google’s radar with regards to search visibility.

From there you can just “Pin it” to Pinterest and now it is exposed to a whole new world of potential viewers.

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Boris Graffiti 6.1, BCC Pin Art 3D

Boris Graffiti Tutorial Time and Date Stamping

A Little Something on Lighting

Allround this is a pretty good tutorial video on the subject of lighting in general even though the author is dealing with one type of light in particular. Throughout the video he gives some great tips and general insights into the art of lighting and the effect it can have on your final shots.


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