The Friday Roundup – Magix Offering 40% Discount on Vegas Pro Line

The Big Vegas Pro 14 discount Edition!

Before I get into this week’s round up of video tips’n’tricks I wanted to get a little business out of the way.

As you can probably tell by the banner at the top of the post there is a pretty awesome special deal going at the moment for readers of the DIY Video Editor.

The guys at VegasCreative are offering from May 31st to June 30th a 40% discount on the Vegas Pro 14 range of video editing products.

Because this is not a deal being offered broadly to the public there are a couple of (tiny) hoops to jump through!

First of all you will need to use this link here: Vegas Pro 14 Discount to get to the correct page.

Theoretically that should automatically apply the discount code at the check-out basket… but!

If it doesn’t then enter this coupon code to have the discount applied: WELCOMETOVEGAS

OK, so that’s the business out of the way so let’ get onto some video stuff.

How to Create the PSY Style

You could probably say a lot of things about the videos put out by Korean artist, Psy.

In fact you could probably say a lot of really derogatory things.

What is also undeniable is that they may be cheesy, poppy and completely disposable… they are also imbued with a wicked senses of the absurd and are kind of fun… even though I hate to admit it.

Check out the video below to get some great tips on what you can do to inject some “Psy style” wackiness into your videos.

A Little on Lenses

These days it seems that the majority quick’n’dirty video grabs people are recording are done with a smart phone of some description.

However for many people the limitations in quality and other shortcomings of these devices are just a little too much to bear.

I think it is also safe to say that the dedicated camcorder may not yet be a relic of the past but in the mid-range stakes for the consumer dollar they soon will be.

It used to be that the rule was, if you wanted to record video at good quality you needed to have a camcorder… things certainly have changed. I think these days probably the best value for money at the highest level of video capture has been taken over my the still cameras on offer.

This is not to mention the fact that most of the big manufacturers seem to be concentrating their development on those products as well.

So with that most people looking for a good camera will find themselves looking at DSLR’s ot MILC’s which in turn brings another complication to the fore… lenses.

Whilst it is generally recognized that the standard “one size fits all” solution to the lens size problem is the 35mm, there are arguments to be made on other sizes as well.

The article below it a tad geeky but has some great insights into helping the new comers work out a lens solution for that shiny new DSLR or MILC.

How to Make a Split-Screen Effect in Filmora – Split Screen Tutorial

Carrying on the the vein of the past few weeks regarding basic tutorials that very often get overlooked this week another one from Filmora this time covering split screen.

Split screen is again one of those very basic effects you can use but bear in mind just because you can…. doesn’t mean you should!

Best Camera for Travel Videos!

OK, possibly this isn’t the greatest video ever made on the subject of choosing a video camera for travel purposes but… it does have some value.

If you really want to demystify the process of selecting the right camera for your purposes in video then read this series of articles HERE on how to choose one.

Camera selection whether for video or not, is an area full of danger and pitfalls unfortunately so cutting through the fluff to get to the good stuff can be a bit if a task.

But I think if you read that series of blog posts you should be pretty well armed. Anyway, back to the video.

The guy that posted it only mentions one particular but along the way there are some great tips on at least the types of cam you should be looking at.

Also he makes some great points on the types of lenses you may want to consider the the reason he would choose one over another.

He also gets a little into some peripheral equipment like tripos etc so it is worth taking a look.

Logo Watermark Tutorial – CyberLink PowerDirector 15 Ultimate

The video below is actually a repeat of the technique shown in another video in this week’s post only this time in PowerDirector.

Again it just covers adding a transparent watermark or logo to a video project but it is interesting to note that in both instances the process is essentially the same.

Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate – Logo Watermark Tutorial

This is another in a series of videos I have sourced recently covering some very simple techniques in a variety of software brands.

This one is for Pinnacle and is a quick step-by-step on adding transparent logos or watermarks to your final video output.

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