Why Does Audio Pop & How to Fix It Fast

Audio popping happens when a sound sample’s beginning or end doesn’t happen when the sound wave crosses the zero line.

They can be very distracting to have in your final project.

However, they can also be tricky to fix, requiring a lot of small adjustments that many don’t want to make.

You can make the audio pop vanish by adding a short linear fade that goes in or out to obscure the sound pops.

Watch out also for sound pops that occur when two bits of dialogue are added together.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you can hear pops in your audio file, it may be that your sample start, or its finish, is not corresponding to a zero crossing.
  • The zero crossing consists of a horizontal line in the waveform where the waveform has a distinct amplitude.
  • The amplitude for a zero crossing is O on the decibel scale.

“Before we talk about a fast way to minimize pops, let’s dig deeper into why audio popping occurs”

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