How to Create Your Own Cooking Videos at Home

Figure out what kind of cooking video you want to make. Plan out everything before hand. Make sure you have the ingredients ready. Write out some voice lines. You can use two camera angles for up close shots. Put some B roll footage when you post process just to spice up the ambience in your video. You can use some from free websites on the internet. Find some free music online that has royalty free. Make a short teaser that showcases what you are going to make.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s a good idea to watch some cooking videos online to learn what others are doing to see what interests you or drives traffic. Once you know the scene, you can find your unique niche.
  • Make time for tests, storyboarding, filming, and edits. The key to success is consistency, so try to upload your videos regularly.
  • A likable persona goes a long way, even if videos aren’t super polished. Be yourself, make jokes, share your personal stories, and win your viewers hearts.

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