(Not) The Friday Roundup!

After last week’s Friday Roundup I carried on with my schedule fully expecting to gather the usual bunch of stuff for this week’s Friday Roundup.

Given the fact that we were heading into the whole Christmas/Holidays silly season time of year some might say that was being a tad optimistic.

Others may have described it more accurately as delusional!

Anyway as the week has passed it has become quite obvious to me (now) that this has been a monumentally quiet week for video editing and shooting news.

So rather than just dribble on about nothing I have decided to can the idea of a Friday Roundup for this week.

Hopefully we will be back bigger and better next week!


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  • Hi Lance,
    Have been using both Edius 9 and PowerDirector 17 for editing my 4k clips. And I find PD17 more easy and useful in two ways.
    1- Synch audio when 2 different sources are used. Edius doesn' t even have a function for this.
    2- Delete in timeline much easier in PD17
    and 3- Edius, 4 or 5 times the price of PD17
    Have you ever used Edius ? Guess they might be somewhat better on color correction.as is the free Resolve software.
    Thanks for your DIT which I read every week. SEASON'S GREETING !!!

    • Hi Phil,
      First up Season's Greetings right back atcha!
      One the main reasons I actually run this site is to reduce the "noise" surrounding video editing software.
      Years ago when I was starting out in the subject I did my research and within hours found myself in a never ending circle of this program versus that program on and on!
      The truth is that these days there aren't really any "bad" video editing programs because none of them could survive for very long in the current market.
      However what I have found is that there are programs that are more suited to some people over others.
      So for me I take that section of the public that are basically new users, home users and up to enthusiastic amateurs bordering semi-pro.
      For that group of people I have restricted the choices I recommend to keep it all simple otherwise the descent into the vortex begins!
      As far as Edius goes I have tested it out a number of times over the years and to be honest never found any compelling reason to add it to the site.
      You observations regarding PD pretty much explain why I didn't do that.
      What seems to be their problem is that they don't really seem to have worked out who they are targeting first and then trying to deliver what that public wants.
      Whereas companies like Corel, CyberLink, Wondershare etc. have done their homework and are trying to deliver on that basis.

      • Well, that tell's it all. Thanks a lot. I started my next project with Pd 17 and find it somewhat easier to work with than Edius. For example; the tracks are much easier to set than Edius and there's a great little function called audio ducking that has nothing to do with ducks but helped me immensely with the clarity of my voice over. However, when came time to blur a clip i found out that PD17 was not up to par and used Edius which does that in a snap, So from now on I will do like pros that are not using only one color to paint or fiddlers that do not use only one cord to make beautiful music and use whatever softwareis best to accomplish task at hand.
        Thank you. And please continue with a so useful site much appreciated by all, I'm sure.

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