A Complete Guide on How to Get the Bokeh Effect

Bokeh Effects in photography could be described as the way that out-of-focus light orbs are rendered in the photos.

There are multiple factors which impact the bokeh effect. The F-stop, the size of the camera’s sensor, the zoom lens, and positioning all impact the lenses flare of the bokeh effect.

The effect can be modified by using a custom lens filter. Software can also add the bokeh effect in processing, with a variety of plugins and addons.

Key Takeaways:

  • This tutorial shows how we can achieve this effect whether it’s with a photo or in post production on video footage.
  • If your cameras has a fast f/stop and a large sensor then getting bokeh effects is quite easy.
  • We can use stock bokeh footage from RocketStock to overlay our footage in bokeh or we can create the effects manually.

“In this video tutorial, we’re going to look all the different ways to create bokeh effects on your video footage.”

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