A Complete Guide to Shooting Workout Videos at Home

If you have never shot a workout video from home, it’s fine that you haven’t, videos are a useful tool for any business.

You will also want to keep in mind that the video should be short and to the point.

You don’t want your workout video to be too strenuous, but just enough that people gain some sort of benefit from it.

You can also perform a few test runs to practice your moves before you begin filming.

Key Takeaways:

  • The need for videos is still strong, especially with people who are missing out on in person customers.
  • For a fitness video you will want to make it short and easy to follow along with so they can learn something new.
  • Make sure to have a few dry runs so you can practice what your moves are going to look like on camera.

“Whether you’re guiding high-energy training over intense music, or setting a relaxing tone for yoga workouts, audio is vital to your audience’s ability to follow along and enjoy your content.

It’s where those verbalization skills you practiced come into play, too.”

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