A Movie Synopsis: What it Is and How to Write One

It’s a great movie and you want to share it with the world, that is not the best example of what is called a movie synopsis.

A real synopsis is a brief description or summary of what a potential audience might expect to see or hear in a particular work.

There are a few guidelines to writing a movie synopsis.

To start, you should have a header, a logline along with a present tense.

After that, go to town but remember to try to stand out, you want to be specific and unique.

Be sure to clearly identify the leading characters, describe the main theme of the story and always proofread your rough draft.

You want to do whatever you can to grab your audience with exciting descriptions as well as a phenomenal ending, leaving your readers with an incredible experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • A movie synopsis is typically one page long and is written in the third person present tense.
  • The synopsis defines the lead characters, but doesn’t get bogged down with minor characters.
  • A good summary hooks the reader with the best parts of the story and fully explains the ending.

“What purpose does it serve and — most importantly — what makes a good one stand out? These are the questions we’re here to answer! So, before you send your next script off to Marvel Studios for consideration, let’s explore the basics and best practices for writing a proper movie synopsis.”

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