On Being A Good Interviewer

Making a good interview video requires paying special attention to some aspects of the video making process.

First you have to make sure to do the research on the interviewee so that you can easily ask questions that they understand, answer easily and are relevant to what you are trying to show.

This not only makes for a better interview but also helps the subject feel like you are invested in them as a person.

It is vital to make sure the person is comfortable because if they are are nervous their responses to your questions will to some degree reflect that nervousness.

You want to also maintain an awareness of exactly how much time you have to conduct the interview.

Key Takeaways:

  • Build on your experience and be aware of what you are learning as you go. Take notes.
  • Never start an interview cold. If you are approaching a subject, give yourself a primer on their career or background.
  • Busy people can not wait for you to tweak and refine your points. Have your meatiest questions front and center!

“Since this is a blog entry and not a long how-to book, I’m going to cut to the chase as it would probably add the most value if I categorize some of the bigger takeaways I’ve learned conducting so many interviews.”

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