The Friday Roundup – DSLR Video Tips, Social Media & Special FX

An increasing number of people are now using DSLR cameras to capture video footage these days and the higher quality on offer is probably the driving force behind that increase.

If you couple that with the convenience of having a still camera with you at the same time and their ability to change lenses you can see why they are becoming so prevalent.

One aspect of DSLRs for video that is often overlooked is the fact they they offer incredible control over the style and quality of image you can create in video.

All those buttons and knobs have to be there for a reason right?

If you are anything like me then you would probably turn it on, slip it into “Auto” and start shooting.

So here’s my advice… don’t be like me!

All those little symbols and numbers actually mean something and do something that affects your final result… who knew!

To get you started here is a video outlining some of the basic settings specifically as they refer to video.

Beginners DSLR Camera for Video

Further to the post above on setting up a DSLR to shoot video here is another article I found that is related and from my point of view quite valuable.

The marketing machines of all the electronics industry are based to some degree around one concept.

That concept in a general sense is that this years model must be presented in such a way that the new features are not just desirable, they are essential.

This creates an atmosphere in the market that with the release of a new model, all previous models are now totally useless and the only way to continue is to buy the new one.

Of course this is a total lie.

All the cars of one particular brand out on the roads don’t simultaneously cease to function at the exact moment the new model is released!

Buying last years model electronics is not only smart it is always MUCH cheaper.

The advantage of buying last year’s model or a second hand model is that they have been in the public’s hands for a year or more and there is a wealth of information that has been built up regarding their performance.

Now when it comes to second hand cameras the picture is not quite as clear.

You can save a lot of money getting one but you have to know exactly what you are looking for.

(Another) Free Online Browser Based Video Editor!

Every now and then I catch news of some website or service adding a video editing feature to their site and I think woohoo, here we go, video editing for all!

Then I take a look and come back down to earth.

Yes, ShutterStock have added a video editing tool to their site that operated within your browser but it is mainly for you to use on videos that exist on their site.

In other words they have added some limited abilities for you to adjust and manipulate the videos you buy from them as stock footage before you download it.

My “woohoo” turned into a “whatever” pretty quickly.

Online Video Tips

These days it would be pretty naïve to assume that gaining some sort of traction on YouTube or any other video file sharing site is just a matter of slapping something up and watching the view counter tick over.

The reality is that getting any attention at all on these sites is very, very difficult.

Of course there will always be stories of some guy putting up a video and through sheer dumb luck getting some views and then the thing going viral for whatever reason.

Remember, this is the exception, not the rule.

If you do have an interest to build an audience on these sites there are things you can do to increase your chances.

In fact there is a whole section on this site devoted to just that subject. You see it here Getting Your Videos Online.

Now I’m not suggesting that you have to do everything on those pages or everything that the video marketing gurus suggest to be successful.

The bottom line is that the quality of the content will always determine just how far you can go. On the other hand there is no harm in always trying to make you videos better and make your optimization of those videos better.

  • Surprise Endings Increase Video Sharing

Continuing the blurb above on giving your videos the best chance in life they can have when using YouTube here is some more!

Even though YouTube is itself a social platform this aspect of it gets kind of lost quite often. In addition to that if you really want to get your videos seen you need to use other social platforms in conjunction with your YouTube uploads. Take a look at the link below for some tips.

  • TOP Tips for Sharing YouTube Videos via Social Media

Vimeo Stuff

News from Vimeo this week that they have created a completely separate Japanese version of their site and have added some different currency options for some of their paid stuff… ho hum.

More importantly they have added a translation tool.

Now given the level we as a species have attained in the field of translation software it will be interesting to see if the translations they produce are anywhere near as funny as the Google driven ones on YouTube.

I somehow feel that hilarity is assured.

  • Vimeo Adds New Translation Tools, Currency Option and a Japanese Version of the Site.

Special Effects

OK this is a kind of advanced video on the subject of a specific special effect but I thought it was interesting enough to include for this week.

How to Get a Film Look

As the presenter in the video below says, “Ever since people started taking video they have been trying to make it look like film.”

I think the reason for this is that film has that warmth and reality that we all really like as humans and the sharp definition of video, even though more accurate, just doesn’t always do it for us.

Anyway, take a look at the video for some great tips on getting that film look.

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