The Friday Roundup – Magix Movie Edit Pro 2021 Updates… sort of

Magix Movie Edit Pro 2021

This week Magix announced their 2021 versions of Movie Edit Pro… kinda.

By way of explanation Magix switched away from the annual update cycle which they and many other video editing software makers had followed for years.

In place of that they dropped the concept of version numbers and simply named the program by the latest year, so now we are at Movie Edit Pro 2021.

This is based on the concept that at some point 2020 will eventually end.

I am yet to be convinced of that given the current situation but I can admire their optimism!

Anyway, I have updated my Magix Movie Edit pro Review here if you want to take a look at it but the main new features that have been added are as follows.

  • A new version of their Infiusion Engine 2 which is the rendering engine of the program and as with all editors these days is constantly being updated to deal with changes in video technology.

That translates into faster rendering times and improved performance when previewing HD footage in real time.

Through this they have improved the hardware acceleration for Intel, NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards as well as faster editing within the interface.

  • Full 8K Ultra HD support in all version of the program.
  • Huge improvements to image quality and the appearance of the user interface with the introduction of what they call HiDPI.

Essentially that boils down to a higher resolution being applied to both images and the interface itself for a better visual experience.

  • Vertical videos made using smartphone are recognized on import and are automatically rotated to the mode in which they were originally filmed plus added templates for vertical videos.

How to Get Smaller Video File Sizes – Handbrake Tutorial

When it comes to transcoding videos the abilities of your average video editing software are generally pretty… well… average!

The reason for that is that they are designed for a simple end to end user experience where the video coming in is going to be the same as or very similar to the video going out.

They certainly can handle most straightforward transcoding jobs, it’s just that they don’t excel at it.

On the other hand Handbrake is a dedicated video file transcoder which does excel at that task and you can’t beat the price cos’ it’s free!

You can download Handbrake for free here: Handbrake Video Transcoder

Do The Infinite Shrinking Dance Like Will Smith

This is an interesting copy cat video where the guys at Cinecom try to recreate one of cache_bunny’s (https://www.instagram.com/cache_bunny/) FX videos.

The one in question is an infinite Will Smith shrinking while dancing video which is easier to see than explain!

How I Turn a Boring Shot into “Epic B-roll” – Behind the Edit

The corrections and adjustments shown in this video are all done in Final Cut Pro.

I have watched through to the end of the video and I figure that all but of a few of the tips can be done in most video editing software these days.

You may find a couple of the super advanced tips are beyond the reach of your video editor but in the main you should be able to pull off most of it.

Just be aware that in your video editor the names of some of the modules or settings may be different.

LIVE Hangout with Daniel Batal

So fair warning here! This is not another of Daniel’s quick tutorials on a specific type of effect or procedure.

It is his “once per month” or so live stream where he answers questions and generally rambles on about life the universe and everything!

In light of that the video is an hour and a half long and although he does cover a bunch of video related things in the stream there is lots of other stuff as well.

The way I always approach streams like this is to have it playing while I am doing something else and when I hear him move to an interesting point I switch over and tune in more closely.

Easy Superhero Effects – Filmora9

This is a pretty cool effect and quite easy to pull off.

The secret to selling it is in the few little tweaks they do to make the flaming hand look more real.

As is the case with most effects, just getting the basic concept is usually quite easy.

The real difference is when you start to add those tiny little touches and touch ups that make it look real.

Green Screen Makeup Trick – Filmora9

Just a green screen effect but with a bit of a difference.

How To Make the Magnify Effect – CyberLink PowerDirector 18

This is a pretty basic tutorial on using the Magnify Effect in PowerDirector which is fine in itself.

However in watching the tutorial you also get a good understanding of how to use keyframes and settings within any preset effect you may have or be using.

The other point to note here is that effects like this in all video editing software will be magnifying or “blowing up” whatever video or image you have on the timeline.

Just how far you can magnify anything will have its limits given that as you zoom in you will be losing resolution.

One of the best ways to minimize that problem is to shoot in 2K or 4K resolution but then create your projects at 1080p.

Doing that will allow for quite an amount of zooming before any degradation sets in.

Blend a Dancer into a Glass of Wine – PowerDirector 18

This is another super fast tutorial from CyberLink that shows how to use blending to create a particular effect.

There is no dialogue in the video so no fancy explanations for you today!

To actually follow the tutorial and replicate it I think you need to watch it and do the effect yourself at the same time because it all goes pretty fast!

How To Outline Text In DaVinci Resolve

Although the purpose of this tutorial is to show how to create a title with an outline, it ends up being a little more than that.

It is actually a fairly good run through of some of the text options in Fusion as well as the same options within the resolve editing tab as well.

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