The Friday Roundup – YouTube Tips, Action Cam Shoots and Cooking Blogs

The YouTube Beauty Lessons

The beauty of the new paradigm when it comes to video production is that there is a certain ‘evenness” that has come about in the playing field when it comes to accessing a potential audience.

When you see some of the big companies producing videos that are “bigger than Ben Hur” and paying ridiculous amounts of money to make them go viral you would think that the average person has no real hope of getting any penetration… But!

The reality is that those production may in fact have their time in the sun but the long term results are somewhat less than spectacular.

In fact many markets containing big players are actually dominated by ordinary folks like you and me because they are… ordinary folks like you and me!

It’s the one thing that the big boys can’t be!

  • YouTube and the Beauty Industry: How Brands are Getting Crushed

Are You Looking at My Titles?

Getting your titles, graphics and even subtitles right can make a world of difference to both how your video appears and how well you engage with your audience.

Effective titles that introduce subjects or scenes can really get your audience “set up” for what is about to occur and keep them tracking with what is happening no matter what type of project you are doing.

Of course like all things you can overdo it or choose fonts and colors poorly and the result will be the opposite of what you intended.

Animation Basics

Just found an awesome series of tutorial videos over on the TED Ed site covering a bunch of stuff about animation.

I have included the first one within this post (below) but if you are interested there is also a link to the complete series on the TED Ed site.

Animation basics: The Art of Timing and Spacing

Tutorial From Gripps

Another great tutorial form the prolific Gripps on using Corel VideoStudio.

This week he covers how to isolate and individual color in a video and manipulate the overall look.

Corel VideoStudio Pro x6 Isolate Any Color

GoPro and Action Cam Tips

Sounds easy enough right?

Just strap a GoPro on to your head, get on your bike and ride it over and incredibly steep cliff!

What could possibly go wrong?

Well as probably most of us already know, if there is the slightest possibility of something going wrong… or even NO possibility of something going wrong… when you are shooting video… something always goes wrong.

Check out this article for some tips on cutting down the room for error when shooting action type footage.

Cooking Blogs Anyone?

I don’t have a cooking blog.

I have no intention of starting a cooking blog.

However whether you do or don’t have one this is a great article over at the Magix site on a few things you should keep in mind if you are using video in a situation where you are demonstrating some kind of process to others.

  • Cooking blogs: The Right Ingredients for Your Videos

Removing Black Bars

Over the years as YouTube has evolved and improved it’s platform there are many older video that have been uploaded in some funky formats of the time or not in a widescreen aspect ratio.

Similarly you may have old footage yourself that you cannot smoothly incorporate into more recent footage because of aspect ration problems.

In this tutorial the guys at ReelSEO go over some excellent tips and tricks for getting rid of black bars and correcting aspect ratios painlessly.

  • How To Remove Black Bars on Existing YouTube Videos

Tips for Using Stills in Video

Adding photos into a video project has long been a great way of compensating for a lack of relevant footage to further the story.

However to use it just like that is to ignore an entire repertoire of effects that can be achieved by intelligently and thoughtfully using still image to enhance to your projects.

When you think about it, these days if you are shooting any kind of event the chances are that a bunch of people will be shooting still images at the same time.

Why not take advantage of that and use those stills in your projects?

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