The Friday Roundup – Camtasia, Lighting, FaceBook vs Vine and more

Welcome to this week’s Friday round about all things video editing in the world of… umm… video editing, strictly from a home user point of view anyway.

So let’s get into it!

A Great Solution for a Teleprompter

If you do any kind of video that requires a voice track to be done while you are on camera then you really need to get some kind of teleprompter solution in place.

That doesn’t mean that you would use the teleprompter in such a way that you would sit staring fixedly at the camera robotically reading the lines!

The real use of a teleprompter is to “prompt!”

  • PrompterPal: The Cheap and User-Friendly iPad Teleprompter

Heavy Duty Video Resource Sites

As is my habit I have included this post referring to a number video resource sites that is aimed perhaps a little (or a lot!) towards the “pro” end of the scale.

I always take a look at these site because although my interest in video is strictly amateur I find I often pick up some important tips or pointers from sites like this.

Magix Video Pro X Intro Videos

I posted a link to the first of this series last week and to be honest was a little doubtful as to whether they would continue beyond the first one!

So this week Magix are officially on a roll of two! Yes folks that’s two (count’ em) videos demonstrating the inner working of their prosumer software Pro X.

Dealing with the Deer in the Headlights Effect

For the average person, talking to friends or even strangers about something that interests them is dead easy!

But you can take the most relaxed and comfortable person, put him in front of a camera and the results can vary from wooden through to nervous hysteria and all the way up to gibbering idiot!

I have no idea what it is about cameras that do that! I mean really, you can always re-shoot what you messed up and you can’t do that in real life so why is it so hard?

Anyway, maybe that’s just me. This is a great video from Webpresenters on how to calm it all down… a little.

  • How To Be Less Nervous On Camera

Camtasia Studio 8 Upgrade

In the same way that the video editing programs are adding more and more feature rich screen capture modules so are the screen capture programs adding greater editing abilities!

I give it about a year and there will be absolutely no difference!

And while we are on the subject of Camtasia they have also added a bunch of tutorial videos for not only the new features that were released but for some of the existing ones.

Calling All Documentary Makers

Another one this week from Magix… hmmm… what’s going on over there? Suddenly they are getting all productive!

This time a short but information packed article on making documentaries and more importantly, making them interesting.

Saved by Lynda.com

I always try to find a good quality video tutorial to include in the Friday Roundup but that isn’t necessarily an easy task.

Although every man and his dog seem to be making them, only a few are worth watching for any particular reason.

This week we get two:

How to use diffusers to help compensate for the effect of harsh midday sun in your photos or videos. Given that it is an extreme light source from one point diffusers can help to reduce the effect of both the harsh shadows being cast as well as “washing out’ what it directly hits.

And the second one also carrying on in the subject of lighting a few tips on how to use available light to enhance your shots.

Car Chases!

OK this one probably has nothing to do with you, me or anyone else reading this post!

But then again who doesn’t love a good car chase and really, it’s fun to see how it all gets put together.

FaceBook and Vine Wars

OK so the deal is that Vine is a video service that allows only 15 second videos.

You may ask yourself what could you possibly achieve in 15 seconds? My advice is to go over there and take a look… it can be pretty amazing!

The other thing about Vine is that it is owned by Twitter and FaceBook kinda hate the fact that their platform is probably better for videos yet Vine seems to be getting all the love.

So, FaceBook have announced a bunch of stuff this week signalling greater integration with Instagram adding various editing tools to the service and greater integration.

YouTube Invideo Programming

Invideo Programming is the ability to cross promote your other videos or your video channel from within an existing video you have on YouTube while it is being played.

Sort of self advertising for… yourself!

This was restricted to video being served to desktop application and a few others until now but this week YouTube announced the platform being rolled out to all mobile devices.

And that’s about it for this week folks!

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