The Friday Roundup – Portable Lights YouTube Wars and Documentary Tips

A real mixed bag of goodies this week folks which unlike last weeks desert of information presents a veritible utopia of news, tips and tricks for the budding videographer.

So let’s get this party started and you may notice there has been a lot of news in the online video arena this week but before that…

Portable Video Lighting

One of the problems any amateur videographers constantly face is that of lighting.

The average consumer grade video camera is not going to come with outstanding low light capabilities. On top of that the definition of “low light” is the kind of light you would experience in a well lit living room room.

There are lots of expensive solutions floating around but one I noticed this week that is suitable for anyone who does a lot of “webcam” style videos is this one.

  • Multimedia Pro from Genius Ingenius Review

Do You Own Your Content on YouTube?

One of the more interesting questions to emerge from the “new media” is that of ownership.

This becomes specially interesting when you have a relationship between content producers and content distributors like you do with YouTube and their creator partners.

  • YouTube vs. Creators: The Battle of Ownership

YouTube – Show Me the Money!

It is not uncommon to see success stories in the media about the latest YouTube “darling” that has managed to go viral and generate enormous income through their efforts.

Naturally this makes for a great news story but the reality is (as with most news stories!) somewhat different.

Sadly, like most things in life the ones making the big money are the ones that have put in the effort to create something of real value to, over time, attract a big audience.

This is not to say you shouldn’t even try, but at least keep your expectations realistic.

The Instagram Versus Vine War Continues

To be honest I didn’t think this story would have the legs that it has displayed since last week.

Apparently everyone (except me obviously) is really interested in this and they are all (behind my back) discussing it!

More on Instagram and Vine

Good article here that in sensible terms lays out why the new Instagram video service is superior and in this case offers a feature that is even suprior to traditional editing software.

Some Mobile Tips from Techsmith

So by now you will have noticed the overriding theme of this week is mobile and online videos so in light of that a handy article from Techsmith offering a few good tips for mobile videos.

Video for Internet Marketing

This time from the people at muvee who offer an excellent product for the creation of marketing videos.

Their muvee Reveal X is actually an automatic editing solution for those not too interested in the editing process itself BUT!…

For a small to medium sized business that wants to get at least something up on the internet for their own marketing purposes, without the financial stress of getting a pro to do it, muvee Reveal X is a pretty good solution.

And Even More Tips for Online Video

This is an excellent article highlighting the similarities between the driving factors behind a sale and the very same factors as they relate to your video audience.

Understanding how to emotionally connect with your potential audience whether for commercial purposes of otherwise can take you a long way in the field of videos.

Camtasia Studio 8.1 Tutorial

Tips from the World of Documentary Makers

This is one of those articles that I post here safe in the knowledge that it’s core subject matter is totally irrelevant to most people who come here!

So why is it that I continue to punish you with stuff like this?

I have said it before and to be honest I probably say it every wekk but, there is much to be learned when you take the time to read what the pro’s are doing.

What they are doing may not be what you and I are doing but often a knowledge of how they are doing it or why they are doing it can be applied to make our projects just that little bit better.

Backlighting Tips

Often you will see “interview” type shots or even “talking head” shots used and there seems to be a noticeable difference in the way they look.

The average web cast video is a great example of how dull, flat and lifeless they can look. So what is it that makes a good one… good!

Well at least one of the keys to this is the use of a backlight.

  • How to Back-Light the Subject of Your Video

Gripps Saves the Day!

Once gain this week I was completely lacking a new tutorial video to show you but fortunately the talented Gripps over at YouTube came up with a good one on using the Subtitle Editor and doing voice overs in VideoStudio Pro X6

Corel Videostudio Pro X6, Subtitle Editor And Voice Over

Watch on YouTube

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