The Friday Roundup No News (almost!) is Good News… Not!

First of all this week I think that apologies are in order!

As you will see from this week’s post on all things video editing it would appear that almost nothing has happened so this week’s roundup is a little… ummm… thin.

My strategy of waiting for other people to actually DO something during the week so that I can shamelessly turn it into a scintillating blog post and claim some kind of originality has fallen well and truly flat this week!

Apart from a couple of good tutorials below there is not much else to report because all my sources seem to have decided that they would get together and do… well nothing really!

Rather than bang on endlessly about the dearth of news this week let’s at least get into what did happen.

Magix Video Pro X Demo

First of all over at the Magix Magazine blog they seem to have started a series which I hope they will continue demonstrating some of the features offered by Magix Video Pro X.

Pro X is their “prosumer” to “pro” editing software which I personally feel is very underrated in it’s market. Its an incredibly powerful video editor and has a whole shopping list of features on offer. You can read my review here.

In this first post they introduce the user interface.

Gripps Comes Good on a New Tutorial

Just when I thought there was going to be nothing worth reporting this week the talented Gripps decided to post a new video on his YouTube Channel.

This time he covers the use of Scripts from within the Prodad Scripts FX module of VideoStudio Pro X6.

In a nutshell these scripts allow you to create and exercise incredible control over text and effects in you titling whci can take you videos out of the “home made” category and up with the pros.

This weeks resources:
Magix Magazine

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