The Friday Roundup – YouTube One Channel, Microphone Shootouts and Production Tips

YouTube One Channel Design Tips

This week YouTube were announcing that the roll out of their new “One Channel” interface for YouTube channels would be nearly complete.

The main reason given for this rather large change in the state of the YouTube universe is mainly to make their site more responsive to people accessing the site using different (mainly mobile) devices.

Anyone having their own channel (and you know you should!) will be presented with the new layout within the next week or so.

In conjunction with this they have put together a blog post and video showing how you can tame this new beast and make it your bitch your own.

Understanding B-Roll

You may have noticed that some of my sources of information on this site are a little obscure! The reason for that is that many years ago I set out to educate myself on video editing software, video editing and stuff about optical discs… pretty well everything you see on the site now.

In trying to do that I found that the information I needed, although freely available, was all over the place and took ages to find and organize into a usable form.

More often than not that information was part of a greater body or work under a different subject. The reason I am rambling on like this is that this next item is from a guy that is heavily involved in marketing so I don;t want that to frighten you!

Gideon Shalwick has been a top Internet marketer for a while now and specializes in blogging and the use of video for marketing purposes.

However if you can cut through all that and get to the video stuff he really knows what he is talking about and can present quite advanced concepts in very simple ways.

A case in point is a recent post of his on how to shoot and use B-Roll footage in your video projects.

  • How To Make Your Videos Look Awesome With Dolly B-Rolls

Microphone Shootouts and iPhone Audio

Dave Kaminski is another guy specializing in video production and teaching but again, a marketer to the core!

He does provide some great lessons in video but again, you are going to have to resist the sale to get to them!

This is a simple and well presented video on how to get good quality audio on an iPhone.

Production Tips

Another post from another site that is perhaps a little outside the bounds of what we are doing here at the DIY Video Editor but again, some of the best stuff comes from the more professional end of the market and all you really have to do is ask your self how you can use this in your own projects.

Extra Effects for Movie Edit Pro

This comes from the Magiz magazine but I though it might be helpful for those of you that own the product and may not be aware that Magix integrates with another online service called Catooh which provides an incredible array of effects.

Handheld Shooting Tips

I think it is always worth taking a look at tips and advice articles or blog posts on how to get steady footage in a handheld situation.

Given that most of us these days are shooting high definition the problem of camera shake becomes even more vital to address.

Yes there are ever improving software solutions to the problem of camera shake being developed but lets face it, they are not perfect and they all result in some kind of degradation.

For my shooting tips you can check out these articles HERE

muvee GoPro Video

And finally this week a little tutorial from the muvee guys on how to use their software to make a video shot on a GoPro.

This week’s resources:
Gideon Shalwick
Dave Kaminski – WebVideo University
MyWebPresenters Blog
Magix Magazine
YouTube G+

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