The Friday Roundup – Run and Gun Shooting Plus Bokeh Effects

A Guide to Creating High-Quality Run-and-Gun Vlog Videos

When it comes to modern video trend occurring on places like YouTube I guess there are only a few real categories.

You have straight vlogs with someone talking to the camera, “How To’s,” and demonstration type presentations.

Most of these are done in a reasonably controlled setting and as such allow for a “set up” of some description to occur.

Outside of this (literally) you have touring or traveling type videos that afford only minimal opportunity for the creator to get set up for shots.

This type of shooting on the fly is often referred to as “run and gun.”

Everything is just shot on the fly and hopefully it can all be pulled together in editing software later.

Of course there are limitations to just how much you can pull it all together in editing so the really good vlogs are the result of a good deal of pre-planning that you as the viewer don’t really get to see.

Of course shooting video at your kids birthday party or any family event is going to pretty much be run and gun!

Check the article linked below for some great tips on pulling off a run and gun to far better results.

How to Get a Blurry Background in Video – Bokeh Effect Tutorial

One of the main difference between video shot on an expensive camera and video shot on a smaller device is depth of field.

Depth of field is that effect you get when the subject is in focus and the background is out of focus.

This is desirable because it causes the viewer’s attention to go to the subject rather than the scene as a generality.

Factor such as sensor size, manual controls and lens types all play a part in this effect so when you are using a smart phone or a very small device, this effect difficult to achieve.

However all is not lost and there are things you can do and ways you can “trick” even a little smart phone camera into doing it or something like it.

Let’s Talk About Video Editing – Daniel Batal

Fair warning here!

This video is about two and a half hours long and is a recording of a Livestream done by Daniel Batal.

If you are not familiar with him he is an ambassador for Filmora video editing products and has also done some work for Movavi as well.

His YouTube channel has a wealth of information in the form of video tutorials on all manner of video editing mostly using Filmora.

The real value is that because Filmora is a reasonably simple program, anything you can do with Filmora you can do with just about any program.

His specialty is maximizing the tools that Filmora has to execute some pretty advanced editing.

So the upshot of this burb is that there is a mountain of information, tips and tricks inside this video for anyone.

Grab a coffee or beverage of choice, clear the decks and get ready to take notes!

Wondershare Filmora X 2020 Wrap Up: Highlights and Q&A

This is a bit of a bumper edition of the usual monthly Filmora Q&A session.

In this episode they answer quite a few user questions with demonstrations in Filmora and also recap some of the highlights from 2020.

How to Be a Successful YouTuber in 2021: 10 Vlogging Tips

I am not sure that everything it takes to be successful on YouTube in 2021 can be covered in one short article!

However the page linked below does cover quite a few of the most basic points you need to have covered to begin with.

PowerDirector – Enlarge part of a Video as Picture in Picture

This is a technique you can achieve in most reasonably equipped video editors so you don’t have to use PowerDirector to do it.

It is a good way of taking something that you want to highlight in a shot and clearly bringing it to the viewer’s attention.

The only restriction I would warn you of when using this technique is that there is going to be only so far you can enlarge a portion of a video before image degradation begins to set in.

Of course if you are dealing with 2K or 4K footage in a 1080p project you can go crazy!

Otherwise it is best to apply the effect conservatively.

Pro Tips for Video Editing Beginners – PowerDirector365 Tutorial

Not sure if these are “pro tips” as they say but this video is certainly a thorough walk-through of the more than impressive features within CyberLink PowerDirector 19 and 365.

Realistically speaking it is quite hard these days to cover everything the software has and can do because it just goes on and on and on.

So apart from being a comprehensive look around the neighborhood it really does illustrate the scope of what a good video editing program has on offer these days.

How To Animate ANYTHING in Resolve 17

This is just a great example of the power of keyframes and using them effectively in your projects.

These days most video editing software has keyframes and all of them display the same way as you will see in the video below using DaVinci resolve.

Just as an exercise, the next time you are editing in your program of choice keep an eye out for those little white triangles that represent keyframing ability.

Then ask yourself how keyframes could be used in the module you are working with.

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