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When all characters in the shot you are making are within frame and  the full setting of the shot is shown completely, you are taking what is known as a wide, full or long shot.

The purpose of this shot is to provide the full context of the scene and to state to the viewer very clearly, “This is where we are and this is who is there.”

It is great at depicting scale and capturing the space while also allowing the audience to take in other details of the scene.

Within a movie or video it is commonly used at the time where a new setting or timeline is being established.

Key Takeaways:

  • Filmmakers use wide shots to provide the audience with context in terms of space, distance and scale.
  • A very wide shot was used in the movie “Dunkirk” during a dogfight scene that took place over a beach.
  • Wide shots can be used to set the tone or mood for the plot, or to showcase the depth of a character’s relationship to the setting.

“There are several types of wide shots that fit into a film, and you can use them based on the scene you’re filming, the context of the story, and how you want to portray your characters.”

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