The Friday Roundup – Pinnacle Studio Object Tracking and Editing Guides

Introduction to Smart Object Tracking

OK so you may have noticed that last week there was no Friday Roundup.

In fact even though there is one this week it is looking a little thin!

The reason for that is that around this time of year the Christmas and New Year stuff tends to do two things to most of my sources.

They either just shut down altogether or they go into total selling mode, neither of which are of any use to my readers!

So generally at this time I give it a miss.

This week there are signs of life so hopefully by next week we will be back in full production.

On the plus side the people at Pinnacle Studio have just started releasing some new videos highlighting their new Smart Object Tracking feature so I have included the first one below.

How to Edit Video from Start to Finish

This is a great overview video on editing and what you are trying to achieve within the editing process.

It is not particularly tied into any specific editing software even though it is demoed in Premiere Pro.

It is however, an excellent “overview” type tutorial rather than one that goes into specific techniques or actions in one type of software.

How To Edit Videos To Get More Views On YouTube

Some great tips here on getting started with editing especially from a “YouTube Channel” point of view.

Quite correctly they kick off with audio as being the first and most important part of getting those videos right.

There is another point he also brushes over a little quickly from my point of view and is worth taking note of.

Whatever it is that you may be making your videos about, at some point you were a newbie to that subject.

So a great way to get started is to make all the videos you wished someone had made for you back in the beginning.

Wondershare Filmora – How to Create Bass Pump Effect in Filmora X

Not really Filmora specific and just shows two ways to achieve that pumping effect on the Bass in video editing software.

Check it out first but in your own software you can either locate and use the equivalent effect or of you have keyframing, do it that way.

Color Grading Video with LUTs in Wondershare Filmora

LUTs are a great way to apply an overall color match to your projects and even a simple editing program like Filmora letsa you use them.

Just one thing to keep in mind before you apply LUTs is to correct the footage first, then use the LUT.

Using Multiple Custom Selection Masks – PowerDirector 20|365

Like most software at the consumer level that offers masking as a tool, PowerDirector only allows for one mask to be applied at any given time.

The exception to this is the freeform mask of which you can apply multiple masks to create your effects.

Check it all out in the video below.

PowerDirector – How to Create a Bump Out Text Effect

This is a simple yet quite effective trick for adding emphasis to your text or parts of it.

To do it in PowerDirector you can follow the tutorial and to do it in any other software… just follow the tutorial!

Most of it is very straightforward.

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