Editing 101: Avoid Cheesy Video Effects

You don’t want to use cheesy effects when editing your videos.

Just because your software has the ability doesn’t mean that adding effects is a creative way to spice things up.

A lot of times these effects draw the user away from your content.

Transitions that just exist to exist don’t actually add value to your production.

There are complex ways to combine effects for a professional look but most of the time you want to keep things simple.

Key Takeaways:

  • In the video editing world, transitions between shots are key, so it’s best to avoid ridiculous animations like page swipes.
  • Cheesy video effects not only can be distracting to the audience, but the audience may perceive the editor as lazy and out of touch with the times.
  • Some other common amateur transitions that should be avoided in the editing process include flares, page curls, star wipes, or even an expanding heart shape.

“You can take advantage of all your software’s capabilities while adding a personal touch that transcends the system’s well-worn presets.”

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