How to Turn Boring Shots into Bitchin’ B-Roll

There are quite a few things that you can do to change boring shots into some great b-roll footage.

First, it is extremely important to get all the small details right when it comes to shooting footage.

Make sure that the lighting is properly done and the frames per second will highlight the shot.

Move the camera around to make your shot feel more energetic and you can zoom in and zoom out in order to help your audience focus on what you want them to focus on.

Key Takeaways:

  • When you are setting up your shot, make sure to pay attention to lighting and other small details that others tend to overlook.
  • Move the camera to make your b-roll become much more interesting and this will also add energy to the shot.
  • Add subtle zoom ins and zoom outs here and there as it can help you convey to your audience what you want them to focus on.

“The number of frames you shoot per second dictates whether or not you can slow down or speed up your shots in post.

It can affect the resolution and even the stability of the shot. So pick and choose wisely. You may want to shoot things multiple times and experiment in order to get a result that’s right for you and/or your project.”

Read more: https://nofilmschool.com/boring-shots-bitchin-b-roll

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