The Friday Roundup – Chickens and Video Editing, the Hidden Connection

OK really, this week it’s all about the chickens! Really!

Just keep reading and all will be revealed.

Adobe Hacked

A while ago now I wrote a post expressing my disagreement with a move by Adobe in trashing their perpetual licensing model for software and adopting a subscription based model.

At the time my disagreement was more in the way they did it rather than the model itself.

Not being an Adobe user I really don’t know what the average user thought of the move but I do know they were never asked!

Today some news broke that Adobe had been hacked and has possible been compromised to the point of ID’s, Passwords and Payment Information being leaked.

Regardless of what software service you may be using this really does highlight the fact that it’s not just the payment model that is the problem here.

When you go over to an ongoing subscription the security of your personal information also becomes and issue.

Instead of just choosing your software based on its abilities and features you may now have to factor in the security record of the program you choose.

Online Video Tutorials

The Key To Viral Videos

Making Your Videos Google-Friendly

GoPro Upgrades

It has never been my aim here on this site to in any way get into camera reviews!

This is a seemingly infinitely large market that just never stops coming out with new products and product models and when you add to that my inherent laziness then I am sure you will understand why I don’t even try to keep up!

In light of that the news is that GoPro have released an update to the popular GoPro 3 and interestingly instead of going with the GoPro 3X module which has been popular with video editing software they have called it GoPro+.

I can’t really say whether using the “X” designation or the “+” designation makes it any better or worse but if you are interested maybe these articles can help!

Tripod Tips

“In order to shoot great looking video, you need to control your camera, and one of the best ways to wrangle your recorder is to pop it onto a tripod.

So, go out and get yourself a set of sticks, and you’ll shoot video like a pro. “

Handheld Shooting Tips

High definition invariably introduces the dangers of camera shake. It’s all because of the codecs but really who needs to know about the codecs!

What you do need to know about shooting better video is not just being aware of the problem and being very, very steady, but also some strategies for keeping it down to a bare minimum.

Yay! Cookies at Last!

In the world of lighting a cookie is a specifically created shadow which is used to ensure that the focus of attention of the viewer is in the right place.

Often objects or other people may be located in a way that they are a being inadvertently highlighted by the existing light.

In order to return the focus to the things you want you can create a shadow at that point to subdue the unwanted presence. This is called a cookie.

  • Video Lighting: Cookies

We Got Chickens!

“Harnessing the power of the animalia kingdom, Dave has created the greatest camera stabilizing system by utilizing the perfect neck stability of the gallus gallus domesticus, known in certain circles as the “domesticated fowl” or the so-called — “chicken.”

“”Mercedes” and “chicken” aren’t necessarily the first two words that you’d automatically associate with one another, never mind envisage in a viral video but Magic Body Control, uploaded to YouTube on September 23rd has already attracted (at time of writing) 2,647,678 views and the count continues to grow. Simple, mesmerizing and beautifully executed,”

  • ReelSEO Viral Video Of The Week: Mercedes Chickens


“The supercut is an art form which naturally evolved from YouTube, showcasing the creator’s obsession with a particular show, film, game, or trope.

Their allure is strange, but they provide endless entertainment and educations.”

Using Reflectors – Lighting Tips

“Reflectors are a great source of light for both stills and video. Using a translucent reflector to soften hard sunlight and a gold white reflector to reflect into your set for pleasing highlights is a great place to start.

When I am outside I like to get the sun into a backlight position. Not low back light but high enough in the sky to stay out of the lens.

This backlight gives me a nice dark background and rims the talent or set. “

More YouTube Tips

Simply uploading your videos to YouTube ans hoping for the best is perhaps what we could call the “Field of Dreams” method. Build it and they will come.

The truth is that if you build it, they will have no idea you did and even less idea of where it is and how to find it. You can read some basic YouTube tips here.

YouTube are launching a new online course those of you who are budding YouTube stars on how to develop and engage with your ever increasing fanbase.

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