The Friday Roundup – DSLRs Webcam Beauty and More

I though I might make an attempt to gather together on a weekly basis all the bits and pieces I have come across whilst mindlessly surfing the internet.

Of course everyone in my office thinks I’m hard at work but given the fact that I live in Taiwan and none of my staff really know what I am doing… I should be safe.

So here are some of the best articles, stories and resources I have come across this week and found interesting:

7 Tips for Looking Good on a Webcam

Lord knows I could do with a little more than a few tips to to look better on video but for those of your not so aesthetically challenged this may be enough!

7 tips that help your camera perform the best and make you look the best so you can captivate and engage your audience.

With the advent of the DSLR for video this sector of the market has in my opinion, gone officially nuts! (That’s a technical marketing term… really!) Anyway there doesn;t seem to be a week go by these days without yet another announcement from someone regarding some new DSLRs.

Well, no more rumors — here they are. Canon has announced two new 18 Megapixel APS-C DSLRs, the T5i (also known as the 700D) and the SL1 (also known as the 100D), both part of the Rebel line. Rumored specs however, were pretty much on the money, with the SL1 being leaked online earlier in the week.

Corel VideoStudio Pro x6, Basic Intro Track Motion

As always from Gripps and simple and easily understood video on using VideoStudio.

VideoStudio x6 a simple intro using the track motion feature.

Watch on YouTube

Not really a “shootout” type article here but one that lays out an interesting and I believe, valuable take on these two big names in video editing.

The struggle within most shops that invested in Apple’s Final Cut Pro is whether to stay put a while longer, adopt Final Cut Pro X or cut the cord and move on. For many this means shifting to the Adobe Production Premium bundle – part of Creative Suite.

  • 10 Rules in Using Celebrities for Video and Social Media Campaigns – WebVideoCrew.com

With access to so many YouTube videos and videos from other sources it is easy to forget just how far you can go using the images and existing videos of public figures. This article covered the basics pretty well.

10 Rules in Using Celebrities for Video and Social Media Campaigns by WebVideoCrew on March 19, 2013 0 Esteemed actor, George Clooney, once said, “I don’t like to share my personal life…it wouldn’t be personal if I shared it.” However, it seems celebrities are privy not just with their personal lives but basically everything that might associate them with brands without their consent and, especially, without pay.

  • DSLR Tutorials: How to Format a Compact Flash Card [Video] – WebVideoCrew.com

Although for many this may seem overly simple I find that going back over the basics of you equipment is time well spent. The more familiar you get the smoother and faster you get.

DSLR Tutorials: How to Format a Compact Flash Card. For the passionate and serious photographers and videographers of our time, DSLR cameras are a must-have.

A clear tutorial form Maxic on controlling and adjusting some of the basic elements of your images.

Photo Editing Basics, Part 3 – Brightness Levels and Color Balance We all strive to take the perfect photos but very often we manage to get the incorrect exposure resulting in our photo being too light or too dark.

OK. I ‘m a bit wierd like this but I really like checking out the “behind the scenes” stuff and the technicalities behind what we see on the screen and largely take for granted.

Learn All About the History of Opening Titles in ‘The Film before The Film’ Joe Marine If you’ve ever seen a movie (if you haven’t, stop what you’re doing right now, and watch one), you’ve seen opening credits of some kind. Credits have existed pretty much since the beginning of moving pictures, and they are as varied as the films themselves.

  • Updating Images and Clips in Camtasia Studio 8

I personally use Camtasia and they are one software maker that really offer a great many resources to their users with clear instructional videos. The beauty of many of them is that they cover the fundamentals and although aimed at their own products they still provide solid information anyone can use and apply.

Updating Images and Clips in Camtasia Studio 8 Today, I’m here to bring you another feedback success story. You asked for the ability to swap out media on the timeline, and we delivered. As of version 8.0.4, Camtasia Studio gives you the ability to update media on the timeline — which is useful if you need to make quick wholesale swaps or update content in old projects.

  • One Channel: New YouTube Features Part II [Video] – WebVideoCrew.com

The second part in their series on some of the recent changes to YouTube Channels and how they affect users. Well worth taking a look at.

One Channel: New YouTube Features Part II “When it rains, it pours.” YouTube certainly believes in this saying, as it continues to roll out features left and right. While adapting to changes in technology and market demand might be a good motivator to continuously change the site and its features, are the changes YouTube is implementing really beneficial or simply irrational?

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