The Friday Roundup – On Camera Tips, Sound Design and Interviews

How To Talk To The Camera – 7 Pro Tips

As a person who absolutely hates being in front of the camera I need all the help I can get when it comes to that activity.

It is easily in my top five unnatural or uncomfortable things to do and should be avoided at all costs. It is actually only one step above sticking a fork into my own eye.

Anyway, if there is someone with a gun to your head… here are some tips to make it seems better.

Make Better Videos with Atmospheric Sound Design

The old saying that “the most important part of video is audio” is repeated over and over and does so because it is true.

As an amateur or beginning video creator getting you audio tamed is one of the first ways you can learn to begin lifting your standards.

Once you have achieved a basic minimum level of audio that ensures your audience is not distracted by it the journey is far from over!

Watch any Hollywood blockbuster and it’s easy to see (hear?) that they didn’t just clean up vocals and move on!

Although is sounds a little daunting the concept of sound design is similar to any other activity you are unfamiliar with.

Take it step by step, learn a few simple things, apply them, lather, rinse, repeat! Here are some tips to get you started.

How To Grow on YouTube – Channel Is Stuck, What To Do?

This is a long deep dive into the subject of YouTube Channel growth by one of my absolute “go to” guys when it comes to succeeding on that platform.

If you have just started a channel or already have one that is not growing then this is definitely the video for you.

If you are thinking about starting a channel and don’t really have a picture of what it actually involves then this one is a real eye opener.

Gone are the days of just slappin’ a video up on YouTube and it all works out just fine!

How to Shoot a Remote Interview Online

So it’s pretty clear by now that the recent events across the world with respect to the Covid pandemic have caused the spotlight to become firmly fixed on conferencing style software and services.

Program and service packages like Zoom and OBS have seen an incredible acceleration in their usage and this has also driven some pretty intense development.

A great advantage to this is that you can now use these programs to record quite high quality interviews without actually having to be in the same space as the other person.

In the video below Justin does a bit of a review and roundup of the current state of things as far as conferencing software goes with an accent on using them for interviews.

5 Video Editing Tips For Small Youtubers

Some good solid editing tips here for beginning editors with an emphasis on YouTubers.

One of the more important ones is number two in the video talking about saving things as either presets or templates.

An important point when creating on YouTube is the idea of “branding.”

In this sense branding means that you have consistency in the look of your videos when it comes to titles, intro sequences, Like/Subscribe messages and all of that.

Rather than repetitively recreating these elements over and over, just save them as presets or templates for later use.

It saves a ton of time and makes editing faster and easier.

New Filmora Template Mode! – Wondershare Filmora X Update

Templates are a new feature for Filmora that were introduced in the last update.

Whilst I don’t use them personally for entire projects I do use them for specific things.

One of my “jobs” at the moment is to edit my wife’s YouTube videos so to speed that process up I have a template created for that purpose.

All I do is edit the video to completion then insert that video into the template which already has an introduction, music and an outro.

I then change the title at the start, adjust the existing music to the new length of video, render and I am done!

How to Crop a Video in Wondershare Filmora X

There are three basic ways to crop a video inside Filmora.

Each one has its own methodology and reason for existing.

The first uses the “Crop Tool” to achieve the crop however it is part of the “crop and zoom” tool.

Once you crop the video or image, that video is then zoomed in so that the cropped image now occupies the full screen.

If that’s what you want, great!

The only thing to watch is that the zoom function will cause the cropped image to lose resolution and suffer image degradation if the original footage is not very high quality.

The second method is to treat the image being handled as an overlay so you can just resize it on the screen and retain the smaller size and position.

The third way uses the “Crop Filter” effect which acts like the crop and zoom function but does not apply a zoom.

Check the video to see how each one works.

Easy Alternate Reality Effect – Wondershare Filmora X Tutorial

This is a simplified take on the “Inception” effect to create a visually striking yet strange world.

On its own not too much to talk about but when incorporated into an overall project it can be quite interesting.

Customized YouTube Intro Using Templates – PowerDirector Tutorial

Having a consistent look to your videos is especially important on platforms like YouTube.

It creates a sense of certainty and consistency in the eyes of your audience and is an important part of you overall branding.

In the video below you can see a walk-through of tailoring one of the existing intro templates in PowerDirector to suit your channel.

PowerDirector – Add Titles with Depth (3D) to Your Project

Just a simple demo of adding some depth to a 2D title in PowerDirector to create some interest.

The Easiest Fusion Comp Ever – Fusion Compositing Basics for Beginners

Two things generally keep people away from using the free version of DaVinci Resolve to begin video editing.

The first is that the interface is wildly complicated due to the software having been designed for professional use.

The second is that you need a pretty recent and well endowed computer to run it because again… it was designed for professional use.

Like most things in life, if you manage to suffer through the initial pain of the interface you may find yourself being richly rewarded.

The video below is an absolute beginners look at the Fusion module of Resolve which is that part of the program that deals specifically with compositing.

See what you think.

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