The Friday Roundup – Video Tips, YouTube Tips and Greenscreen

Press Releases!

First up this week a press release from Cyberlink which is well… a bit strange!

You see press releases are essentially pieces of information released by individuals or companies to the general media for the purpose of disseminating that information or even promoting it under the guise of “news.”

This one is nothing like that but who cares?! It’s got some good info in it anyway!

You can click on the link at the bottom to see the full list of tips and information but below you can see my paraphrase which I think is much better than the original:

Shameless Self-Promotion Press Release

Blah, blah, blah everyone is making videos.

Blah, blah most of those videos suck.

Blah, blah we sell stuff that you can use to make your videos not suck.

Here are ten tips for making non-sucky videos.

  1. Tell A Story
  2. Add a Soundtrack
  3. Set the Pace
  4. Leverage Precision Editing Tools (Buy our stuff)
  5. Don’t Be Afraid to Cut (By using our stuff… after you buy it.)
  6. Keep It Simple
  7. Get Social
  8. Get Creative (with our stuff… which you can buy!)
  9. Save Your Progress
  10. Get Organized
  11. Or you can check out some of my basic video editing tips here Basic Video Editing

That Ol’ Black Magic

The new Blackmagic range of cinema cameras look set to shake things up a little in the world of video with their incredible performance and tiny size.

I am not so much interested in the top end of the market as far as shooting for the big screen but their “Pocket” version has me more than a little intrigued!

YouTube Analytics

There is an old saying: “That which you cannot measure, you cannot improve.” Or at least it goes something like that.

If you are using YouTube as you distribution solution (hey! That rhymes!) then a very powerful tool they offer is their analytics.

Using this you get get a pretty good idea of who is seeing your videos, how long they are remaining engaged and a whole host of other features.

This is a vital set of tools if you are looking to clues as to how you can build your audience.

Color Grading

OK very few of us will ever get into the the actual task of color grading our videos!

However tutorials like these are well worth watching so you can get an idea not just of how it is done but more importantly WHY it is done and what effect it achieves.

Shutter Speeds

Again, another tutorial on a technical aspect of your camera and the video process you will probably never directly need.

BUT! Great information to broaden your horizons and give you a greater understanding of the process.

Smart Focus

This is a feature of many screen capture programs, not just Camtasia so take a look at this one to see how it works and how you can use it effectively in your screen capture projects.

The Key to Chroma-Key

Green Screen… boy that subject is a whole post unto itself and I probably should do one dedicated solely to it.

Most modern video editing software offers Chroma-key or green screen capability and likewise most people using it have failed miserably at it!

It’s not quite the walk in the park the marketing division describes it as but on the other hand, it’s not the complete technical science that it can appear to be.

There a few simple rules to follow and a few things you need to have in place to create excellent green screen effects and in lieu of my doing a post here is a good “tips” post to get you started.

More Goodies from YouTube

YouTube are being rather overwhelming of late regarding the addition of new feature and this one has been way long overdue… as usual.

They have added functionality that allows you to now add a “Subscribe” button to your website that automatically subscribes the person to your YouTube Channel.

And Some More About YouTube

Good tips article here on building your YouTube audience.

  • 10 Tips On Getting Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers

And Even More on YouTube

This article describes some of the more advanced setting within a YouTube account that you can use once you have all your basic settings in place.

It also offers a pretty good explanation as to why you would want to spend the time doing it.

  • 5 YouTube Tricks You Probably Never Knew Existed

Magix Video Pro X Demos cont’d…

OK we are up to number 7 this week in the Magix series of posts demonstrating the capabilities of their pro software Magix Video Pro X.

This week for your viewing pleasure, Multicam Editing! My review here.

Video Tutorial of the Week!

A brief look at enabling Hardware Acceleration in Powder Director versions, as well as a look at the Fast Video Rendering technology.

1.) Hardware Acceleration, which is enabled in the Preferences menu, allows Power Director to utilize your Nvidia, AMD & Intel graphics cards to help Preview / Produce Render your videos.

2.) The Fast Rendering Video Technology, located in the Produce Screen, includes both: SVRT- Smart Video Rendering Technology and Hardware Video Encoder.

Click here to see my current PowerDirector Review

Power Director 11 – SVRT Fast Video Rendering & Hardware Acceleration

Yikes! More About YouTube!

Even more tips and tricks on how to take your YouTube Channel to the next level… or even TO a level in the first place so that the sound of you audience watching your videos won’t just be that of crickets chirping in the forest!

  • The Ten YouTube Commandments
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