The Friday Roundup – CyberLink Director Suite Live, Stabilizers and More

The Friday Roundup – CyberLink Director Suite Live, Stabilizers and More

Welcome to this week’s Friday Round up!

The big news this weeks is that CyberLink announced the addition of a subscription based licensing model to their range of consumer to semi-pro video editing products.

CyberLink Introduces CyberLink Cloud Service and Director Suite Live

Some of you may remember last year Adobe adopting a similar model for their pro level software and the ensuing hooha that surrounded that event.

From the outset here it is probably important to note the differences in the CyberLink release just to make sure we don’t all go into a panic and start throwing hissy fits.

No Change to Existing Licenses

The announcement by CyberLink is an addition to their exiting licensing model and not a replacement of it.

Their traditional perpetual licenses for all their products remain intact and they have indicated no intention to get rid of this any time in the future.

What they are offering is a subscription license to the Director Suite range of products on the basis of a quarterly or annual fee plan.

This provides access to the software for time paid plus 10GB of storage space in their CyberLink Cloud service.

They are also offering addtional storage space on a 12 month subscription basis.


Although it would be easy to dismiss any move like this by a commercial company as simply a money making exercise that would be a little short sighted.

The fact is that many people these days are opting for smaller, leaner computing systems and even more mobile devices than before.

This means that storing huge quantities of files on your working computer whatever it may be can be very inconvenient.

On top of this the mobile nature of modern life when it comes to online access means that users are looking for portable solutions to accessing software rather than having the software fixed to one device.

This new service allows users flexibility in storage, access from a range of devices and locations and finally provides an ideal environment for collaborative projects.

You can take a look at the complete service being offered by clicking here:

Director Suite Live

Other Stuff

One of key points in producing outstanding looking video is that of lighting. After all the whole process is simply that of capturing light through a sensor in a digital format.

There are endless sources of information around on how exactly to light for video but in the real world most of us will never have the kind of control and equipment that the pro’s have.

That doesn’t mean you should think you are simply the victim of the light you are presented with in any situation.

Where you shoot from and where your subjects are placed in relation to you can make a world of difference to the final product.

In another in this very good series of tips from Premiumbeat they explore the world of backlighting.

Video Tutorials

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