The Friday Roundup – Hair Lighting and Choosing a Lens

Choosing a Lens

These days is is becoming more and more likely that you will be shooting with a device that has the ability to take different types of lenses.

Digital SLRS, compacts like the Sony NEX series and even a bunch of add-ons for phone cameras are all beginning to offer exchangeable lenses.

Of course just when you thought it was all getting simple… it gets complicated!

So, what is the the difference between various lenses and how does it all fit together?

Check out this article for a simple and well explained introduction to lens types and their uses.

Choosing a Video Camera

VideoMaker.com have just released a great report on how to choose a video camera that goes a long way in cutting through the enormous amount of information and product choice that is around today.

Sorting through the current market for the right choice has become a nightmare and is something I won’t even go near let alone join the conversation.

This is a simple guide to help you isolate the type of camera that would suit your needs and gives a few recommendations.

You have to sign up for their newsletter to get the report but thats no big deal.

PowerDirector Basics

Lighting Tutorial

Another in the excellent series from Premiumbeat on video lighting.

Once again let me add that although you may not be operating at this level of professionalism with your own videos, a good understanding of the basics can take you a long way.

Home Made Slider

A video camera slider is like a little dolly for taking indoor shots on a small scale where you want the camera to be moving throughout the shot.

There are numerous ones available on the market but they are all quite expensive and for the amateur videographer probably not worth the investment.

However with $30 and a trip to Ikea you can build your own!

Stabilizers Part One: Introduction

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