The Friday Roundup – Screen Capture Fixes and Focus Magnification

Yowza, yowza, yowza and welcome to this week’s Friday Roundup of all the stuff that happened in the video editing world this week.

Well this week I finally decided to clean up my computer a little and install the full version of CyberLink Director Suite.

I have been playing around with it a little but other stuff keeps getting in the way so hopefully by next week I will have a review posted.

In the meantime let’s get on with the show!

Annoying Black Boxes

If you are using any kind of screen capture software such as Camtasia or even the screen capture module in Corel VideoStudio you be getting a strange black border around your capture.

This usually appear when you are capturing the full screen of the desktop.

The problem actually doesn’t originate from the software itself but from the screen resolution settings in Windows. This video shows the settings you need to check to correct the situation.

Screen Capture Black Borders Fix

Vine Continues to Add Features

If you are using Vine to post your life as you capture it in video then you may want to wander over to their blog and check out the new features they released this week.

  • Vine Blog — Back to the future

When Too Many Transitions Are Not Enough!

I know what you are thinking! Those 400 or so transitions already available in PowerDirector that I can totally customize are just not enough! Well relax! CyberLink have just partnered with Pixelan to make their transitions package available through the CyberLink website offering full compatibility with PD12. Anyway, take a look at the video below and maybe you really do need them!

Focus Magnification… sure! I Need That… I Think!

Most of us by now will be shooting in at least some kind of high definition format regardless of where we sit on the totem pole of video.

Probably the most prominent problem with HD is that any error at all in your focus gets magnified by the highdefinitionness of it all. My spell check says highdefinitionness is not a word… I don’t care!

Anyway, over the years I would have to say that in my experience the Sony range of camcorders and still image video capable cameras have easily had the best auto-focus features.

From the following article it looks like Sony are about to once again jump ahead of the field with a new and far more accurate system for focussing in HD.

This may not be a feature that will find it’s way to the consumer level for a while but is a good indication of where we are going.

Good Advice From YouTube

As I have often mentioned before the “Field of Dreams” strategy for posting on YouTube or any other video sharing site is a surefire path to abject failure!

With literally millions of hours of footage being uploaded each day the idea that somehow someone is going find and view your latest creation is hopeful to say the least.

One way of keeping up with what’s new on YouTube and more importantly, what’s working, is the Creator Pulse newsletter YouTube put out each month.

Well worth subscribing to if you have any intention to get into this game.

  • Feel the YouTube Beat with Creator Pulse – WebVideoCrew.com
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