The Friday Roundup – Understanding the Edit, “How to’s,” Tilts and Pans

Understanding Editing vs. Presets and Templates

Most editing software at the consumer level is heavily geared towards a drag and drop workflow and the use of preset and pre-packaged… well… everything!

That’s fine as far as it goes but the second you want to step out of that world and get a little more fancy schmancy, things go downhill!

The usual cry at that time is that the software is not equipped to do what you want or that somehow you need more advanced (expensive) software.

That’s not necessarily true.

The problem is that the convenience they provide results in users that do not really understand the processes that are going on as they drag and drop their way to mediocrity!

The video below is an excellent example of what you can do with even a simple video editing software like Filmora.

Sure you can use the preset titles and tweak them to look good BUT!

If you understand what’s going on you can take it all way beyond that.

A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Instructional Videos

I very often find myself surfing around on YouTube looking for videos that will show me how to do a particular thing.

I am sure that I am not alone in that activity!

The one thing I do notice when doing that is that there are some really, really bad instructional type videos out there!

So, if you are making videos that have as their main purpose the idea of teaching then there are some basic things you need to get right to achieve your purpose.

Download 28 FREE Firework Sound Effects

These are straight out free fireworks audio FX and can be downloaded without the need to provide any kind of sign-up or email shenanigans.

Camera Movements – The Tilt and the Pan

I have added a few articles and tutorials over the years covering the various types of shots, camera angles and camera movements.

I wanted to add the following two videos to that list for this week because they both offer a slightly different take on the subject.

Most of the time tutorials on these subjects tend to try and include every type possible resulting in only a brief description of the shot and an even briefer discussion of that shots application.

In the following two videos each camera movement is discussed unto itself resulting in a more in-depth look.

Camera Movements – The Tilt

Camera Movements – The Pan

PowerDirector – Replacing a Title with a Video

This is a tutorial based on a video intro that uses text tiles as well as video to create the sequence.

Whether you like the intro or not isn’t really the point.

The value in this is that you can see how the creator of the intro used various features inside his video editing software to get the job done.

Part One

Part Two

PowerDirector 365 July 2, 2021 Feature Updates

This is a complete run through of the latest updates in PowerDirector 365 which is the subscription version of the program.

Just to clarify, the 365 versions of both PowerDirector stand alone and the Director Suite 365 have updates applied automatically as they are released.

They do not wait for major annual or bi-annual updates.

Once CyberLink have the new features or asset ready to go, the software updates immediately.

So some of the features you will see in this video will not be available to perpetual license holders probably until the next update cycle comes into play probably at the end of the year.

Quick Shortcut to Group Your Video Clips – PowerDirector

Just a couple of simple methods here to group together assets on the timeline as you are editing.

Knowing and applying this can be a great time saver when it comes to shifting things around without other stuff getting messed up.

The further you go into an edit the more important this kind of tool becomes.

How to Make a YouTube Video Intro (UPDATED Tutorial)

A few free and not so free alternatives to making a YouTube intro aside from making one from scratch in your own video editing software.

If you do have a presence on YouTube then you should know how important it is to have a clearly delineated “Brand” for your channel.

By brand we mean graphics, intros, thumbnails the whole shebang done in a coordinated way that gives you channel consistency in its appearance.

Filmora 10.5 New Features – Filmstock Integration, Audio Effect, AI Portrait, AR Stickers

This is a basic run through showing the latest updates to Filmora X taking the program to version 10.5. although quite correctly he has a good whine about mainly one “improvement?”

Whilst they have added a few good assets and features I am not really looking at Filmora to be a program I want wildly expanded or added onto in any particular way.

Its attraction for me is its simplicity so I am fine with most things as long as they don’t mess with that.

The reality is that most of my day to day editing is done in Filmora and the reason for that is that the editing I do is simple and straightforward.

I don’t need bells and whistles and I don’t need to wait half an hour while some beast of a program loads itself and eats up half my RAM!

So this latest update is fine from a user point of view and as far as the program’s usability goes however the integration of their paid Filmstock assets certainly leaves a little to be desired!

It’s all a bit intrusive and mildly annoying.

Certainly not enough to go jumping ship on it but really, I think it could have all been done a little more tastefully!

Recover Audio or Video in your Resolve 17 Timeline – Workflow Tip

Sometimes when you are in the middle of an edit you can lose track of what you did and end up looking at the timeline wondering how you got there!

This often leads to a whole bunch of backtracking and undoing to find you way.

One thing you can do if you are using DaVinci Resolve is to reconnect things you may have disconnected like audio etc.

In the video below you can see how to do this and find that stuff you may have lost or at least find you way again.

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