The Friday Roundup – Cuts That Count, Weddings and Documentaries

5 Cuts Every Video Editor Should Know

Some great basic tips on the cuts you need to learn first as an editor.

The good thing with this video is that Daniel explains and more importantly, shows how the cuts are achieved, what they look like and the effect they create.

Filming Weddings – 7 Things I Learned

So first of all let me explain this one a little.

I actually don’t think there are going to many readers of this blog that are going to going out and shooting weddings any time soon.

As warning let me just say this.

If you are not a professional wedding videographer and a friend or family member asks you to video their wedding because you have a camera and editing software… DO NOT DO IT!

There is almost a 100% chance of the entire exercise ending in tears and it won’t just be the bride.

So with that out of the way, why the wedding video tutorial?

If you watch through the video itself there are some great tips on videoing events which is something most of us do.

The really good tips pertain to those situations where, like a wedding, you have a rough idea of how it is all going to go down throughout the day BUT!

That’s all you have… a rough idea.

This video shows how to think on your feet to handle and capture footage effectively when those inevitable random events enter in.

Short Documentary – How to Shoot a Documentary Video (b-roll coverage)

This is a great tutorial video from John Luna where he gives excellent coverage on the subject of… coverage!

By that I mean looking realistically at any given project and not just thinking in terms of the main shots you will need but also effective B-roll.

By “effective B-roll” I mean B-roll that actually fits with your main shots, matches your main shots and serves to further the story being told.

Ineffective B-roll would be footage you desperately went out to pick up later because you didn’t get it at the time and clearly looks out of place!

How To Shoot Professional Real Estate Video

This video is very much aimed at real estate videos which let’s face it, are quite specific in their requirements.

However there is still a great deal of information to be had with regards to shooting videos in a more general sense.

Real estate videos at a professional level need to really show each property clearly as a bare minimum otherwise a potential buyer may just lose interest.

A really good video not only does that but does so in a way that makes the property seem attractive and enticing to any potential buyer.

It is in this aspect of the process you can pick up some great tips on capturing locations at a higher level.

Handheld B-Roll – Top 3 Transitions

There are many, many ways you can set up your shots so that they pretty much already have the transition “built-in.”

Once you take that footage into an editor the rest gets to be pretty easy.

There really is only one thing you have to keep in mind when you are putting together these types of “in-camera” transitions.

That thing is that you are following a plan!

In other words all transitions of this nature have to be pre-planned or set up before you start shooting them.

Adding some kind of non-sequitur swoop or pan at the end of a shot is not really going to cut it!

Check out the video below for what I would agree to be the three most common transition shots for this purpose.

The ways to can use them are endless and once you have these ones down you can then branch out into others.

4 Quick Steps for Faster Editing – Audio & Video Effects

One of the first things that just about everyone learns when it comes to editing is that it gets tediously repetitive really fast!

In light of that and in the interests of preserving your own sanity the tips video below is very important.

Not so long ago most video editing software at the consumer level lacked the ability to allow you to preserve presets, settings etc. that you used quite often.

This meant that every time you used that particular thing you had to go into its settings and re-enter the values you had entered a million times before… over and over!

Well things have changed and these days you may be surprised at just how much you can save in your brand of editor.

A great time saver is having your most common effects or settings saved so you can access them immediately.

After checking out the video take the time on your next project every time you make a move and ask yourself, “Do I do this often?”

If so, see if there is a way for you to save that action or setting in your video editing software to make the process easier and faster.

Redesigned Title Editor in Pinnacle Studio 24

So Pinnacle Studio continues the slow leakage of videos highlighting the latest features in Pinnacle Studio 24 which was released nearly a month ago now.

This time it is a walk through of the new titling module.

Pinnacle Studio Review

Film And Edit Video Illusion Trick – Filmora9

Another Zach King inspired effect in this one and as usual with his effects videos the key key is in the shooting and not so much the editing.

Filmora Review

Cool Filming Technique at Home – Filmora9

The title of this one suggests a “cool technique”…… hmmm…. not so sure about that but maybe that’s just me.

In case it is just me I have added it to this week’s Friday Roundup because maybe someone else may feel it is cool.

Personally I think it looks a bit naff and cheesy but on the day that I become the arbiter of all that is hip and cool with the kids… that’s the day we know we are doomed as a species.

PowerDirector – Capture and Use Footage from Your Webcam

This is a detailed walk through of the capture area in CyberLink PowerDirector.

Although this one is more specifically aimed at capturing from a webcam it still covers all the little knobs and dial and buttons and setting that are in there… and there’s a lot!

PowerDirector Review

Using Blending Tools to Create Double Exposure Snaps – PowerDirector

Yet another incredibly difficult to follow tutorial from the good folks at CyberLink!

Don’t get me wrong here, the results they show are great… it’s just the tutorials themselves that suck!

How to Edit Videos on Android Beginner’s Guide

Editing on a mobile device can be a little limited due to storage space and processing power but it is getting better as we move forward.

Check out the video below for an updated view on editing on an Android device plus a few suggestions for suitable apps to do it with.

How to Make A Lower Third In DaVinci Resolve

A quick tutorial this week from Casey Faris on adding lower thirds in DaVinci resolve.

Just in case you don’t know what a lower third is it is text that appears in the lower third of the screen and is generally used to add information about what is on the screen.

Of course it can all go a bit far like they do on T.V. News with a constant ticker tape of mindless information scrolling permanently past but hey!

We aren’t going to be that tacky now are we?

Anyway Casey as usual covers a down and dirty method of creating a lower third as well as going for a big fancy one.

GoPro: How to Live Stream Using GoPro PLUS

In light of the almost worldwide requirements for many people to at least to some degree isolate, the need for webcasting or live-streaming has gone through the roof!

Most of the big camera makers have responded by providing some kind of software / firmware updates to their products to facilitate this.

Many cameras that previously could not be connected directly to computers for that purpose have now been equipped to do so.

If you are uncertain about yours then just check the manufacturers website for information.

This week GoPro got onboard and have released a few “How to” videos to get their users started.

First up on a mobile device using the App:

Here’s the Windows version:

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