The Friday Roundup – Shooting an Interview and Media Suite 12

Video Interviews

My guess is that most people that visit this site are much like me in the both the way they shoot and edit video and also the type of projects they are creating.

By this I don’t mean they are churning out rubbish on a daily basis but that I think most people are shooting family or social events in some form or another and are not engaged in the actual production of “mini-movies” or anything like that.

However there is one type of video that you can easily produce that perhaps you had not thought of as a stand alone video unto itself or part of an overall project.

The type of video I am talking about here is the interview.

When we think of videos of friends or family we usually don’t think of an interview as being on the radar.

But if you think about it an interview can be an awesome way of creating a video or enhancing an existing one.

One of my parents favourite videos of my son (their grandson) was one I did as an end point to a holiday video.

The holiday video itself was pretty standard stuff with lots of shots of us engaged in various holiday type activities.

The difference with this one was that when the holiday was over and we returned home I set my camcorder up, set up a simple three point light array and plonked my son down in a chair and interviewed him about the holiday.

I used photos taken to remind him of various events and places and just chatted about what he thought about those things.

I coached him on answering questions by repeating the original question in his answer so that by the time I had finished I could edit out all my own questions and put it together as a coherent dialogue by him.

Although I thought the results were OK his grand parents were over the moon about it and still mention it from time to time.

Naturally kids are always good for this but getting an interview with an older family member can be a great way of preserving the history of your family or friends.

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Changing Light and “M” Mode

CyberLink Media Suite 12

CyberLink put out a press release this week announcing the arrival of the latest version of their multimedia software package Media Suite 12.

The reason I mention it on this site is that because under certain circumstances Media Suite represents a great value for money alternative to someone wanting to get into video editing at the basic level and has a need for the other features on offer.

Now it is important to note that last bit, “and has a need for thew other features on offer.

In the “Easy Video Editing Software” section of this site I cite a couple of suitable multimedia brands as being worthy contenders and from a video editing point of view Media Suite is easily the best. BUT!

You have to remember that these suites come with a whole host of components and it is ONLY if you have a need for all, or nearly all of them that I would recommend them.

If we take a look at Media Suite we can see it comes with PowerDirector for video editing, PhotoDirector for image organizing and manipulation, Power DVD for file playback of all descriptions and on and on!

In fact the suite has about 15 separate components.

So, yes this is a great product and offers an enormous bang for your buck but don’t get dazzled by all the bells and whistles.

If you are considering this product you would definitely need to have a use for most, if not all of the features for it to be worthwhile.

Having said that, it comes from CyberLink and is easily the best in it calls for what it offers.

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