A Guide to CD, DVD, Blu-ray and Game Disc Recovery Software

On this page I have outlined and summarized the features of the main disc recovery software solutions I have used over the years for repairing or extracting data from various types of optical.s discs.

Generally speaking there is no real need to discern between software that works for CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray discs as these days they cover them all.

Each example of recovery software listed on this page has it’s own particular use, it’s own specific method to recover data or files and to some degree that method comes as a result of the history of the product or it’s manufacturer.

There are other pages on this site go into more detail about some of the technicalities and exact procedures of data recovery and those can be found in the top menu of the side bar.

The programs listed below are not listed in any particular order of preference or effectiveness.

With the exception of Isobuster their ability to recover files comes as an added feature of their existing  functions so take a look at each one and see which one would suit you best.

Better still go to the Disc Repair Page and start here to better understand how to solve your particular problem.

CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and Game Disc Data Recovery Software


Isobuster is probably the grand daddy of all disc recovery software and has been around for years. I know I’ve had a copy for a long time now.

The guy that makes it was originally an engineer at Phillips working at first on the development of CDs, then on to the DVD divisions of that company.

He eventually left and created Isobuster. Purely a disc recovery program it’s pretty safe to say that when all else fails Isobuster will get your data back for you.

It is a specialist software so has no other functionality other than pure disc data recovery and has been regularly updated and upgraded to be able to handle all current forms of optical disc .

Their website has a wealth of information on disc recovery options showing exactly how you can use the software in your particular case.

You can click here to see a tutorial on how to use Isobuster.

Click Here to See Isobuster for Yourself


Nero probably comes in as the most well known name in disc software on this page but it’s ability to recover lost files is perhaps a little unknown to most.

The entire range of Nero products have recently been re-organized into four separate products groupings depending on the users particular needs.

From a CD, DVD and Blu-Ray data recovery software point of view this makes it a little more difficult to choose which one except in the case of the Nero Multimedia Suite which has everything and the kitchen sink!

Within this suite you can:

  • Use the Nero Burning Rom to extract individual tracks from a disc or
  • Use RescueAgent to scan the disc and recover any lost data.
  • Use Nero Recode. Applying yet another protocol for reading discs and has the added advantage of being able to read unfinalized DVDs. So using this module you get another shot at your cd dvd data recovery attempts.
  • And finally you can try the NeroVision Express module from within Nero. This again is a separately developed feature of Nero for editing movies and authoring DVDs however because it uses yet another protocol for reading DVDs you get another chance at recovering the data from your DVD.

Individual parts of the entire package can be purchased but from a data recovery point of view the Nero BackItUp and Burn standalone offers the best choice at a reduced cost if you have no need for the whole Nero Multimedia Suite package.

Click Here to See the Full Features of Nero


DVDFab is simply specialist CD DVD or Blu-Ray copying software that comes with some great conversion features as well as a host of other capabilities but for the purpose we are covering here none of that is really relevant.

It is hard to explain why DVDFab is included here as a DVD recovery software because it is something the software is not really promoted as being able to do, so let me try to explain.

Because DVDFab started out life many years ago specializing in copying DVDs through the bypassing of copy protection codes they had to develop their software to be able to read a disc many, many ways. Of course that was all back in the day of there being a little uncertainty between what was naughty and what was nice as far as copying goes!

DVDFab has long since moved out of the naughty category and these days is 100% nice!

Because of this history the software automatically “knows” that if something blocks it from reading data on a disc one way, then it reverts to another way to read the disc. It has many, many strategies for doing this and although originally it was for a different purpose it serves very well as an excellent file recovery software.

The main difference between DVDFab and the others is that the process is automatic and it either works or it doesn’t! You simply place the disc in your computer, make a copy and the software automatically corrects errors as it is going along.

Not my first choice as single purpose disc recovery program but an effective DVD file recovery software solution nonetheless.

Click Here to See DVDFab DVD Copy

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