CD DVD Scratch Repair Machines

CD DVD Scratch Repair Machines

When it comes to CD, DVD and game disc repair my weapon of choice is to use a software solution to try and recover the data from the disc first without further interfering with the surface of the disc.

Results from a physical intervention on the surface of a plastic disc made of poly-carbonate can be… umm… variable!

However there are times when it may be necessary for you to repair the surface of the disc before you can access the data so in the interests of completeness, on this page I have listed some disc repair machines that I have found are up to the task.

Before I get to my recommendations there are a few points to be made.

I arrived at these choices by researching just about every site known to mankind regarding CD DVD or Blu-ray disc repair machines… Ok that may not be true but by the time I finished it sure felt like it!

Either way it was a LOT!

What emerged is that there are roughly three levels of disc repair machines, cheap, a little pricey… and damn expensive!

The damn expensive ones are for commercial use so I am assuming you are not needing one of these although for about U.S. $2000 you can get a really nice CD DVD repair machine!

I have provided product links to each disc repair machine through

The reason for this is that I generally do not refer much to hard goods on this site. I understand that there may be other sites selling the same products and maybe they are cheaper.

Personally I go with because they are established, are responsive to customers and they have the systems in place to get the job done. I cannot in all honesty recommend some “el cheapo” site that I have no confidence in or knowledge of.

Disc Repair Machines

#1 Simotech DVD Repair Machine

Simotech Disc Repair MachineOf all the mid-range CD DVD disc repair machines on the market this one easily came in with the greatest number of positive reactions on all the sites I checked and no negative reactions.

There were also a number of semi-commercial users represented who gave this full marks which speaks well for the machine’s durability and reliability.

Apart from looking strangely like R2D2 from Star Wars this one is widely acknowledged as the top choice at around $120.00 or so.

Click Here to See the Full Specs of the Simotech CD DVD Scratch Repair Machine


#2 JFJ Easy Pro Universal CD/DVD Repair Machine

JFJ Easy Pro Disc Repair MachineJFJ Easy Pro comes in at #2.

It is also priced at around the $120 mark and managed to attract just a couple of negative comments.

Just how valid those comments are is hard to say as all the manufacturers will admit there is just so much machines like this can achieve depending on how severe the scratching is.

Both the #1 and #2 choices are good machines it’s just that the Simontech represents on average, slightly better value and marginally less negative votes.

Click Here to See the JFJ Easy Pro Disc Repair Machine


#3 SkipDr CD/DVD Repair and Cleaning System

SkipDr CDDVD machineFinally at #3 a cheap and cheerful for the home user!

The reports and reviews on this one are mixed but still strongly in favor of the product.

Given that it is only about $35.00 I don’t think it would be fair to compare it the two above. By most reports it will handle most light scratches quite effectively and in conjunction with good disc reading software will probably get you out of trouble on most occasions.

That just about sums up the market in this kind of CD DVD repair machine. I guess the real choice would have to be a personal decision as to what kind of investment you want to make to recover your damaged discs and how often you would use one of these machines.

Click Here to See the SkipDr CD/DVD Repair and Cleaning System

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