MAGIX Video Pro X Review Part Two

Video Pro X8 Interface

MultiCam Editing

With Magix Video Pro X you can synchronize up to four camera recordings of events with just a single click of the mouse.

I personally love this feature. Any event these days like weddings, concerts or even graduations are going to be covered by a number of people with their own video cameras.

Trying to incorporate all the different footage in different formats and having different time codes previously made this impossible for the average video editor at home.

With this feature the editing of such events become a total breeze and this point alone makes the purchase price worth it.

This will save you so much time on painstakingly trying synchronizing video recordings using visual and sound events by hand.

Video objects can be synchronized using their sound tracks and quite literally all you need is ONE audio event that is common to each file and you can snap them together.

A More Comprehensive Overview

The real problem in reviewing software at this level of the market is the sheer number of features on offer.

Any comprehensive review is going to drag on and on forever and even then may still not cover the exact feature or features you were looking for.

So to save a little time here is a video made by Magix that gives quite a good overview of the programs full feature set

DVD Authoring with up to 8 Audio Tracks

Magix Video Pro X DVD Authoring

You can author your DVDs up with up to eight audio tracks which is especially useful for creating multi-lingual DVDs or DVDs with different sound formats (5.1 Surround, stereo etc).

Magix Video Pro X can create DVDs using a number of included templates that you can manually customize. The menus that you do customize can be saved for later use and the extended MPEG-2 settings provide full control over the video/audio quality as well as file size.

Export to Blu-ray Discs™

Video Pro X can burn movies on to Blu-ray Disc™ is just as simply as burning DVDs with animated menus and 6-channel PCM Surround Sound with the same range of functions offered for DVD.

Compatibility with Post-production Programs

You can import AVI file sequences from compositing programs like Jahshaka or Adobe After Effects™ via integrated alpha channel support.

Inserting .psd (Photoshop) files with multiple layers can be done without converting them in any way, directly into your project.

Support for Video and Audio Plug-ins

Magix Video Pro X’s extensive range of effects can be augmented with numerous video effects plug-ins and it supports the plug-in format of VirtualDub, as well as the “VitaScene” and “Adorage” by proDAD.

Tested VirtualDub plug-ins can be downloaded as an installer-package directly from Magix.

With DirectX plug-ins, audio effects of other manufacturers may also be embedded. The included VST-DX adapter light” makes it possible to embed VST plug-ins as well as DirectX plug-ins.

Broadcast-quality Audio Editing

Magix Video Pro X supports High Definition audio formats which correspond to the standard from Intel. This means that stereo signals at a sampling rate of 192kHz with 32-bit and 8-channel signals at a sampling rate of 96kHz with 32-bit may be used.

It includes professional broadcast-quality effects such as DeClipping, DeNoiser, DeHisser, equalizer, compressor, stereo effects, echo, reverb, pitch-shift, and more to help you exercise full control over your audio.

Real-time Audio Mixer

Video Pro X Mixing Desk

The software includes a real-time audio mixing desk with a master effects section as well as a separate effects rack with equalizer, reverb/echo, compressor and plug-ins for each mixer track.

The master audio level display is integrated directly into the timeline indicating the total volume at any given point to help avoid clipping or distorted audio sections in your project.

Dolby®Digital 5.1 Surround sound

You can use the Dolby® Digital 5.1 Creator to create real Surround sound with full channel control while mixing live with the audio mixer.

3D Title Effects

The integrated Magix 3D Maker can transform text and shapes into high-quality 3D graphics and animations.

There are a number of designs and templates in different styles, plus intuitive real-time editing and easy-to-understand tools will quickly help you produce professional results.
The integrated title editor allows you to change the size and position of text at any location in the image to create impressive title animations. Scrolling and blending effects is especially easy with the help of a range of practical presets, e.g. for captions or subtitles.

Multi-processor Support and GPU Hardware Acceleration

Magix Video Pro X uses the advantages of the most modern processor architectures to shorten the rendering times of complex projects on multi-processor and multi-core systems. Magix Video Pro X 1.5 uniformly scales HDV material on up to eight CPU cores to produce results faster than ever before.

The optimized real-time architecture uses not only the resources from the high-performance processor, but also those of your graphics card to decode HDV video, calculate transitions and effects, and to mix video tracks, overlays, and titles as effectively as possible.

3-way Color Correction and Secondary Color Correction

You can use color wheels with shadows, median values, light, and professional exposure control according to the lift, gamma, and gain principles. Smooth out color errors, produce a “special look”, or highlight naturally present colors.

Edit shadows, mids, and brights separately for the foreground, background, and in an extra master layer. The foreground layer features an easy to use eyedropper tool.

Change, highlight, or understate individual colors – the blue of the sky, the green of a field, or the red of a dress. This also helps you apply the “Leave color” effect: e.g. red remains and all other colored objects in the image are displayed in black and white. (think Schindler’s List)

All in all Magix Video Pro X is a pretty impressive package and for the price blows just about everything else out of the water.

To get this feature set in another video editing software package will easily require you to go up to $600 minimum so if this is the level of video editing software you are looking for then Magix Video Pro X is a great buy.

Click Here to See Magix Video Edit Pro X for Yourself

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4.5 / 5 stars     
MAGIX Video Pro X Review Part Two was last modified: November 1st, 2016 by Lance Carr

11 comments to MAGIX Video Pro X Review Part Two

  • Sam

    Any ideas How this would compare to Vegas Pro 14?

    • Lance Carr

      Hi Sam,
      Pound for pound the two are pretty similar as far as what they do goes.

      If we get rid of the silly “$X99.00” price points from the marketing departments we have Magix at $400 and the mid range Vegas Pro at exactly the same.

      They are both owned by Magix anyway so separating them really only comes down to a few small points.

      Video Pro X has a very good inbuilt Motion Tracking system whereas the equivalent Vegas version does not. To get that you have to go up to the $800 pro suite version and even then it is only as part of the Borix FX plugin.

      Video Pro X also has a built in multican editor which is pretty handy for cutting between a bunch of cams that were recording the same event.

      It works as a switcher between footage loaded onto the timeline.

      One thing Video ProX has always been exceptional for was that you can load a bunch of footage from very different sources having very different parameters on to the timeline and it handles it with no stress.

      For $400 I would suggest downloading trials and taking them both for a run before committing to a long term relationship!

  • Samuli

    Thanks for the reply too bad that Magix video pro X7 had Mercalli V4 now it feels like step backwards. Mercalli V2 has rolling shutter so it is better than nothing but not the same level of tweak as cmos fixr. By the way Magix is going to leave the version number out of the MAGIX Video Pro X. I hope (I read it somewhere) that it means in the future if you own older version of the software you can upgrade it with discount. Magix going to add new features and if you want these features you have to pay for it.

    • Lance Carr

      Hi Samuli,
      Yes I guess the whole thing comes down to licensing fees really when it comes to add-on plugins included with the program.

      And, yes it is also true they have dropped the version numbering system for Video Pro X and most of their other products as well.

      After much to’ing and fro’ing with them I think I have the new system worked out!

      You buy the software and that includes free updates for a year.

      At the end of the year going forward you still get critical updates that may be necessary to address bugs or changes that have occurred that will keep the software fully operational.

      What you don’t get are any new features that are added after that year.

      To me t sounds not too different from existing plans. You can just skip a year or two then pay the update price to bring yourself fully into line.

  • Samuli


    Great review but does Pro X8 have proDAD Mercalli V2 and proDAD cmos fixr or are they the same? Magix product site say that it comes with proDAD Mercalli V2.

    • Lance Carr

      Hi Samuli,
      Boy, that took a bit of digging!

      OK, Video ProX ships with the full version of Mercalli V2 BUT!

      Mercalli V2 has correction tools for rolling shutter (from CMOS) but not the CMOS fixer.

      The CMOS fixer is part of Mercalli V4 which Video ProX does not have.

      Video ProX is compatible with ProDad plugins but you would have to pay extra for the CMOS fixer.

      Why not download the free trial and see if the tools in Mercalli V2 are good enough for what you want?

  • Mike

    You can scrub thru video a frame at a time by either using the cursor arrow buttons, or by toggling on the jog dial on the video monitor and scrubbing with that.

  • Vladimir

    Lance,благодарю за хороший обзор.К сожалению, начиная с версии 7X, интерфейс Magix Video Pro очень тормозит и часто “зависает”. Новейшая версия X – тоже.Например,очень часто, при перемещении курсора на Time Line в другую точку большого видеофайла, процессор уходит в загрузку около 100% и “размораживается” через минуту или “замерзает” навсегда…В 6-й версии таких багов не было.
    Протестировано на свежих OS Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
    Моя система не слабая – Intel 2500K RAM 8Gb DDR3 NVIDIA 650iBOOST. Файлы, которые я редактирую – Full HD .m2ts кусками по 4Gb. За функционал редактору версии X можно поставить “отлично”.

    • Lance Carr

      Hi Vladimir!
      OK, I have resorted to Google Translate to work out the meaning of your comment so most likely my answer will make no sense at all!

      Basically it seems you are having lagging and freezing issues connected to Version 8 that were not in 7 and they seem to be independent of whether it is Win 7,8 or 10.

      There are no other reports from the Magix forums similar to this so you have to assume it is a local machine problem.
      My only real advice would be to do a clean install and make sure you are not getting conflicts from other programs using shared resources.

  • Randy Wright

    I’ve been using this for several days with the trial. I really like it but there is one feature, which I consider to be basic, that I can’t figure out how to do. Scrubbing through the video one frame at a time in the preview window. Consumer level editors have this, I can’t believe this doesn’t. Otherwise I really like this program.

    • Lance Carr

      Hi Randy,
      I don’t keep a copy of the software on my computer so I am not sure but I do know that you can magnify the timeline so you can use the mouse to do this… clunky!

      But I am pretty certain the keyboard shortcut for it is just using the left and right arrows to step forward or back one frame at a time.

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