Vegas Movie Studio 14 Review

Vegas Movie Studio 14 marks the first update of this software since Magix bought out the entire Sony Creative range of video and audio editing products last year.

Despite the doomsday rumblings of existing users regarding what Magix was going to do with the software, this update has clearly marked Magix intention to not only bring the software up to date but to continue its development.

So just as I do whenever I am embarking on a review here is a video from Vegas Creative showing a quick overview of the software itself and what has changed in this new version.

Before I get into a full Vegas Movie Studio 14 review I think it is important to address why Movie Studio in many ways sits outside the box when it comes to consumer level video editing software.

Movie Studio is a bit of an anomaly within the the consumer level video editing software market due to its history in that it doesn’t really look or behave like most of the others in this market.

The reason for this is that the product itself grew out of the original Creative professional editing software which we now know as Vegas Pro.

At that time video editing software was considered to be something only professionals would ever use and the idea that average people would be shooting and editing digital videos on home computers was about as likely as us all having flying cars.

Sadly we don’t have our flying cars yet but we certainly do have a wide range of video editing products available these days!

All of those early editors were based on the terminology, techniques and workflows of professional film editors which is why when you look at the Vegas Movie Studio user interface it can seem a little daunting!

However the reality is that no matter which editing software you choose, if you have had no previous experience with it, it will all look a little daunting.

Every brand of software on the market will at least at some point in time make the claim that, “It’s easy to use!”

I don’t care which software you are using or are thinking about using, that claim is absolutely meaningless.

I have had friends who are professional video editors at the level of feature films sit down with an “easy to use” consumer grade editing suite and be utterly stumped by it.

So, is Vegas Movie Studio easy to use?

Yes, if you are a professional editor!

If you are not, then like the rest of us you have a bit of a learning curve to get over before you can unleash its full potential.

So the real question is, “How well does the product guide you through that learning curve?”

In the case of Movie Studio 14, they have met the challenge admirably and have included with all their versions a series of excellent interactive guides built in to the program.

For any person new to video editing or new to the software this is by far one of the best introductions and guided tutorial series I have seen.

Before you even get started with the software you can spend an hour or so just following the interactive lessons learning the exact procedure for any given task within the software.

You can get up to pace and be working on your project in no time at all and more importantly, any time you get stuck or want to know how to do something, you can access the appropriate guide and find out immediately how to do it.

To give you an idea of it check the video below to see an explanation of adding effects to a project.

What’s New?

Although a few years back Sony attempted to improve the overall look of the program and make the interface easier to understand I can’t really say they succeeded particularly.

The image below is the old interface and I guess if you were looking for outdated and clunky this would certainly fit the bill!

The good news is that in this latest release Magix have taken the bit between their teeth and completely revamped and streamlined how the software looks and behaves.

I think part of the problem for Sony was that they never really understood what “consumer level” video editing was and how the average person actually used the software.

Fortunately this is exactly where Magix’ expertise comes in and the new interface is clean, modern and does not make your jaw drop to the floor in horror when you first see it!

I think this is a bit better!

As far as other “New” stuff goes most of it falls into the category of bringing Movie Studio up to date with the other video editing suites at this level.

Magix’ task with this software was never really to introduce a bunch of shiny new toys for us all to play with.

Movie Studio has always had the best toys!

What they really needed to do was to add on all the peripheral features that others in the field have been offering for a while now.

In VEGAS Movie Studio 14, (the simplest of the versions available) there is of course the new user interface I already mentioned as well as the ability to directly upload to a range of social media sites. (Can you believe it never had this?)

There is also a couple of new effects and access to Magix Music Maker software which can be used to create your own music tracks.

In VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum you get all of the above plus the addition of Multicam editing which is like a switching module for editing footage of one event from a number of different devices.

To get a better idea here is a video showing it in action.

They have improved the program’s ability to access the computer RAM for previews and have included the NewBlueFX Platinum Complete effects and filters package.

In VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Suite again you get all the above plus a full working copy of SmartSound® Sonicfire® Pro 6, NewBlueFX Titler Pro Express, NewBlueFX Suite Complete and HitFilm Toolkit Pack.

That last one is an additional set of filters and effects from HitFilm.

Which Version?

Vegas Movie Studio is offered at three levels:

Movie Studio 14

This is the bottom of the scale version. It offers basic editing features but has no ability to create discs of any kind. It has limited audio features and only ten available video or audio tracks.

It does have integrated uploading to YouTube and other services because that’s basically the style of editing or distribution it is aimed at.

It would ideally be for someone wanting to perform simple editing and uploading to the internet or mobile devices.

Movie Studio 14 Platinum

At this level Movie Studio adds the ability to burn DVDs, Blu-ray discs and AVCHD on to DVD discs.

You also get a much wider range of audio effects, video effects and filters plus greater ability to control them.

Movie Studio Platinum 14 Suite

This version represents the peak of the consumer level of the Movie Studio family.

It has all the bells and whistles and I think if you look hard enough you will find the kitchen sink too!

It has hundreds of features and can do just about anything you can think of and it is at this level that the interactive guides really become necessary.

There is just a bewildering array of video, audio and still image effects and features inside the program and to list them all out would take pages and pages which I am not going to do here.

You can see a full Product Comparison Chart Here


There is no point going into what Vegas Movie Studio 14 can do here… it does it all and it does it very, very well!

Of all the video editing software at the consumer level Vegas Movie Studio 14 is easily the most feature packed product at each price level.

It particularly excels in the field of manually controlling every aspect of video production and honestly if it can’t do what you want then you probably need to go up to a pro editor.

With its excellent tutorial system the learning curve is still a curve but much less painful than most.

Within a very short time you will have the software well under control and doing what you want it to do.

Click Here to See the Vegas Movie Studio Range

4 / 5 stars     
Vegas Movie Studio 14 Review was last modified: March 28th, 2017 by Lance Carr

31 comments to Vegas Movie Studio 14 Review

  • scott campbell


    Thanks for the review.

    I have just started using Movie Studio Platinum 12 as I was using the GoPro Studio APP. Is it worth upgrading to the Studio 14, I am using it for my surfing videos and I am a novice with this editing stuff.

    Just not sure if to upgrade now before I get used to using the 12?


    • Lance Carr

      Hi Scott,
      So here is my standard rant regarding updates/upgrades.
      The software you have in hand is absolutely the perfect software for your needs unless you can conclusively prove that it is not.
      It seems to me that right now you need to learn that software and above all, use it regularly.
      It can do everything you probably need and much more.
      The only reasons to upgrade would be:
      That you are feeding it video files that are so exotic only the latest versions can handle them. (Doubtful)
      There is a new feature in a later version that you actually NEED and would USE. (Again doubtful)
      That all your friends have upgraded to the latest version and you are experiencing upgrade envy. (Tragic)
      Or finally that the version you have is so old that the discounted upgrade path is about to run out for you. (In this case, not so.
      I see people chasing the upgrades continuously in an effort to compensate for the fact that they have simply not sat down and learned the version they have.

      Make an effort to learn and use 12, then you will be armed with knowledge and experience so as to be able to decide for yourself if an upgrade is worth it.

  • Tetay

    Good Afternoon! I’m planning to purchase the Vegas Studio Platinum 14 Suite version. I already have the Movie Studio Platinum 12 and wanted to upgrade. I got a pop-up notification asking me if I want to upgrade to Vegas Studio Platinum 14 Suite for $79.99 the offer is good till 9/6/17. I really tempted to purchase this software but my only concern is I want a CD delivered to my house and not a download version once I make my purchased. Do you know if they only offer download version?


    • Lance Carr

      Hi Tetay,
      I just went to the site and tried to walk through the purchase process and what appears to happen is that once you sign in you go to the shopping cart.
      At that point you enter your existing licence key.
      Next the update product comes up with a choice to get a DVD back up BUT!
      I don’t actually know if that is also a download (an ISO file) or a physical disc!!!
      My advice would be to go to VegasCreative and submit a question to their Help section to clarify all this.

      • John Drew

        I upgraded my Movie Studio Platinum 12 Suite to the Vegas 14 version in March 2017. I opted to get the ‘backup DVD’, which cost an extra £4.99. The DVD arrived about a week later by post, in a box including brief instructions for installation and a card with an Activation Key.

        However, the Activation Key was only supplied in the box with the DVD, and not on line at the time I purchased the upgrade. Consequently I could not download and run the software immediately after purchasing the upgrade. In effect Magix were selling installation rather than ‘backup’ media.

        At the time I wrote to Magix pointing out that their ordering page was unclear on this point and that it would help if it made clear that one could purchase EITHER the ‘instant download’ OR the installation DVD. They replied saying they would pass on this feedback to the web team, but it sounds from your experience that things haven’t improved since!

  • Mawaschi

    I’m currently running the trial version of Vegas movie studio suite and Video Deluxe Premium.
    I’ve also created short 3-d intro with the Viddyoze website (MP4 file with PNG codec).
    My problem is that I can integrate it in Magix Video Deluxe Premium but not with Vegas.
    Do you have any idea why it is not possible on Vegas because even if I prefer Vegas for me that will a deal breaker….

    • Lance Carr

      Hi Mawaschi,
      The probelm here is that many of the 3-d platforms are using proprietary codecs and system to create the 3-d assests.
      It appears that Magix can handle the ones you have made but Vegas can not.
      At the moment broad compatibility as far as import, editing, and output goes is not quite there yet.
      For now you should probably go with the one that works rather than going in circles trying to debug the one that doesn’t.

  • Kal

    Thanks very much for your feedback Lance. Much appreciated.

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