Setting a Video Camera or Camcorder Budget

Setting a Video Camera or Camcorder Budget

Setting a firm budget choosing a video camera.

At Last the Big One – Your Budget

Finally we arrive at your last line of defence or at least the line you need to defend the most and that is, your bottom line.

Before you even entertain the idea of beginning your search for the right camera you MUST get this point settled.

Trying wade through all the technical information laced with smooth marketing is no mean feat these days so your budget has to be an immovable rock in your mind.

The reality is that your “immovable rock” is very likely going to move somewhere along the way.

Remember that this is a process of getting the video camera that most closely suits your requirements and there will be give and take along the way.

This “give and take” generally is best described as you giving and them taking so the more fixed and firm your budget decision is, the better off you will be at the end.

To give you a rough idea of the market as it stands here is what you would expect to pay at the various levels of video production.


At this level you would be looking at approximately $1500 or less.

At the top end you will find some pretty good DSLRs and MILCs as well as camcorders.

As you move down you will begin to lose the more advanced features but you can still keep interchangeable lenses, full mounting options as well as external audio ports.

Given the fact that even an iPhone has been used to shoot an entire T.V show recently you can get some seriously good quality at this level now.

Prosumer / Professional

Here you can expect to break above the $1500 mark and well… just keep going!

At this level you have the top end DSLRs and MILCs as well as the better equipped dedicated camcorders offering full sized sensors and broadcast quality video.

In other words, all the bells and whistles!

A Final Word

As I said at the beginning of this report I have not tried to direct you towards any particular make or model of camera for shooting video.

By now you should have realized that there is a huge array of devices available at the moment all capable of capturing good quality video.

The only questions you need to really keep in mind after narrowing down the field on price are these:

  • “How and where will I be using the camera I purchase right now as applicable to my current life?”
  • “Will I continue to use the device in that way for a long time or will I be seeking to take this activity further?”

Let your answer to those questions guide you to a choice based on your budget and remember to stick with the facts… not the marketing!

I hope this has helped and good luck with your choice!

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